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Wednesday Night Primeval RPG Character Creation

Spent an enjoyable evening last night with one of my Wednesday gamers creating her character for the Primeval RPG.

Crystal wasn't playing with the Wednesday night gamers when they last played the Primeval RPG, and since they'll be getting back to that campaign this coming Wednesday, Crystal decided to come out last night, have supper with me, and then work on her character for the game.

She created Helena Robertson, a feisty, computer geek and technical type girl who has encountered Anomalies before, and will fit into the team with the other player characters quite nicely, though there will be some friction.

Crystal enjoyed the character creation process, finding it to be the easiest version of character creation that she's done for any of the games we've played so far. I also chatted with her a bit about the game mechanics of the system, and she really likes them, though as she said, it'll be much easier to render judgement on that when we play this coming Wednesday night.

So, overall a fun night of character creation with one of my favourite people and gamers. Look forward to next week's game. :)
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