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Friday Game Report - Primeval RPG Session 29

Last night, the Friday night gaming group continued on with their ongoing Primeval RPG game campaign. Here's the game session report. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Amanda Tarrascon (Kathy) – Zoologist
Jessica Ransome (Angela) – Ex-Diplomat
Harrison Williams (DavidM) – Tourist Guide
Olivia Hamilton (Ellie) – Precocious Young Girl
Captain James Harris (Mark) - SAS Soldier

Monday, November 12th, 2007

At the Shrewe's Court Mall in the small district of Shrewsbury, Olivia Hamilton and her mother, Eileen, are spending some mother/daughter bonding time, while shopping for clothing and a few luxuries, but Olivia is disappointed that she's unable to find some new marker pens that she desperately wants. As they continue to wander the Mall, shopping around, Olivia notices that there's a rushing around of some of the Mall personnel and several security guards. She pays little notice to it, her attention on some courgets her mother is looking at in the produce section.

Returning to the Home Office, Amanda Tarrascon, Jessica Ransome, and Harrison Williams are summoned into Archibald Lewis's office. Lewis tells them that Captain Harris is quite unhappy in his new assignment, and that he's feeling untrusted by the people around him. Amanda starts to protest, but Lewis dismisses her excuses, though Jessica is able to assuage his attitude somewhat, and promises the three of them will do better by "the new recruit". Lewis tells them he's concerned about whether Harris will be able to perform in the field; facing dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures is not easy, not at all.

At the Shrewe's Court Mall, Eileen Hamilton becomes worried when she sees the security lights flashing, and then a tannoy voice informs everyone in the Mall, shoppers and storekeepers, that the Mall is being evacuated due to a possible bomb threat. Olivia overhears two of the security guards talking [she spends a Story Point], and they mention some sort of animal down in the underground parking lot. She wants to go up to them, but Eileen gathers her up as everyone starts to evacuate the building. Olivia instinctively breaks away from her mother, and heads to investigate what's going on, as Eileen frantically starts to search for her. The young girl makes her way towards the underground parking lot.

Amanda, Jessica, and Harrison go to the Armoury where they've been told that Harris is, and chat with him. Captain James Harris is mistrustful of their appearance and seeming desire to chat with him, but he reveals a bit about himself. The more they talk to him, the more Harris reveals he's a bit of a by-the-book man, and Harrison tells him that, given the kind of work they do, sometimes going by the rules doesn't work. James snaps at him that he knows what he's doing, he's not a rookie on the job, but Amanda wistfully says that he still is, though she has no doubt he's a good military man. Before they can debate or argue matters more, the phone rings. Archibald Lewis says they've got a potential creature incursion - at the Shrewe's Court Mall.

The player characters arrive at the Shrewe's Court Mall to find a situation bordering on panic, as people are milling around outside the Mall area. Finding the man in charge, Detective Orin Welles, Jessica goes up to him, shows him her credentials [they are a team from Animal Control], and convinces him to put her and her people in charge of the situation. Welles is happy to do so, and defers to her. She introduces him to Captain Harris, and while James and Welles confer on the situation, she goes back and talks to the others. Amanda tells her there's no way of knowing what kind of creature they might encounter down below ground, but they also have to find the Anomaly. Captain James Harris comes over to the group after his chat with Orin Welles and Marshall Tate, the General Manager of the Shrewe's Court Mall, and tells them the situation as they know it. Something large is in the underground parking garage, somthing that has knocked over a mini-van, and killed at least one security guard.

James and his SAS men (there are 12 in total) approach the underground parking garage entrance, Amanda, Jessica, and Harrison bringing up the rear per his orders. The main doors to the parking garage are jammed, about three-quarters of the way down, and flickering light can be seen from within. James has two of his men go into the garage, their weapons at the ready, and moments later the garage doors grind slightly more open. Once inside the garage, Harrison takes a look at the mechanism for controlling the garage doors, and says that it seems to have been damaged from a heavy impact of some sort. The rest of the characters spot several vehicles, some small compact vehicles, but others including a small van and a large SUV, that have seemingly been thrown around like paper tissues. James has two more of his men check out the vehicles, but they report that there are no people in the vehicles at all. The team breathes a huge sigh of relief. Harrison is intent on going in and finding the creature, but James vetoes this, and Amanda points out they also have to find the Anomaly. The player characters and the SAS soldiers move cautiously into the garage.

Having managed to sneak down into the underground garage area, Olivia is re-considering this decision, as the area has become somewhat creepy. The power seems to be on the fritz, with the overhead lighting flickering when it's not just going off, and then moments later, coming back on. She continues to make her way cautiously through the ground level of the underground parking lot, and comes upon a horrifying sight - the bodies of two shoppers, one male and one female, that have been raked with claws of some sort. She barely contains herself [spending 1 Story Point], and attempts to identify the creature that might have done this, but all she can conclude is that it was a theropod of some sort. She continues in towards the carnage that she can see ahead of her, using the pocket torch she always carries with her for light. She comes upon a small compact car that has been thrown a good 5 metres, judging by the damage done to it, and hears a whimpering cry for help from the vehicle. Her common sense overwhelms her curiosity, and she makes her way cautiously to the vehicle. She sees a young woman trapped in the car, blood on her face and hands. And then she's even more terrified as she hears a heavy, wet breathing coming from behind her...

Friday night's game session of the Primeval RPG campaign was a pretty good one, and the players enjoyed some of the interplay and interaction between their characters, and Mark mentioned that he's having a good time of it starting to integrate into the group of characters and see how the relationships will shape up. The players empathised with Ellie as her character dealt with the creepiness of the garage, and I was able to get the feel for what the garage was going to be like down pat, though Ellie looked absolutely scared a couple of times (but she later said that she loved it). Kathy spoke to me about it afterwards, and said everything is good; she enjoyed the sequence as well, though she wasn't sure how she'd handle it. Angela did a good job, using Jessica's Convince skills to get the player characters through a couple of rough patches, and DavidM did a good job of getting back into his character, though he admitted he found it a bit rough after being away from the game for several years.

Overall, it was a good session of the Primeval RPG, and has led up quite nicely to what promises to be a fun, dangerous, interesting time in the shopping mall's underground parking garage. I'm looking forward to next week's game. :)
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