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Two nights ago, on Friday night, the Friday night gaming group continued on with their ongoing Primeval RPG game campaign. Here's the game session report. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Amanda Tarrascon (Kathy) – Zoologist
Jessica Ransome (Angela) – Ex-Diplomat
Harrison Williams (DavidM) – Tourist Guide
Olivia Hamilton (Ellie) – Precocious Young Girl
Captain James Harris (Mark) - SAS Soldier

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Olivia Hamilton turns ever so slowly to see what is stalking her, and as she sees the creature, she screams!

Jessica Ransome, having decided to remain outside the parking garage, tries to maintain a handle on the situation with Detective Orin Welles and Marshall Tate, the General Manager of Shrewe's Court Mall. She tells the two men in no uncertain terms that her Animal Control team can handle the situation in the underground parking garage, but Tate is worried how this will impact the Mall's business, though Orin Welles asks Jessica some pointed questions about her team, and it's obvious that he has his suspicions about something.

Meanwhile, with Harrrison Williams in the lead, Captain James Harris leads 10 of his men (having left the other two outside the garage, to keep an eye on things and not let anyone else go down), deeper into the Shrewe's Court Mall parking garage, with Amanda Tarrascon bringing up the rear. Harrison worries about Amanda, as the lighting is poor in the garage, and he's afraid that something may harm her. James asks Harrison what they can expect, but the tour guide says he's not sure; however, judging from the damage to the cars that they've already seen, he says that they could be in trouble. Before they can continue talking, the group of soldiers and player characters hear a scream ahead of them, and Harrison rushes deeper into the parking garage, despite James's shouts to stop.

Harrison pulls up short to an astonishing sight - a young girl is backed up against a small sedan, as she's being stalked by a creature - bipedal with a bony, spiky skull, a back lined with small horns, about 2 metres tall and 3 metres long from snout to the tip of its tail. As it seems about to lunge for the girl, he shouts at it, and the creature is distracted, turning towards him. Before he can say or do anything else, one of Harris's soldiers comes up and takes a shot at the creature with his assault rifle, but misses. The creature races away, heading back deeper into the parking garage.

Harrison bats the soldier's [he's Lieutenant David Harper] gun out of the way before he can take another shot at the creature, telling him that they don't shoot the beasties that come out of the Anomalies, and that he could have hit the young girl. James comes up to them, and learning what's happened, chastises the lieutenant. Both Harrison and Amanda are amazed and somewhat shocked to see the young girl is Olivia Hamilton, who is more excited than frightened over what just happened. While James orders his men to fan out and see what they can find, telling them to be careful, he goes back to where Harrison and Amanda are talking with the hyperactive Olivia. Olivia and Harrison describe the creature they saw to Amanda, though Harrison's description is less...accurate than the young girl's. Amanda says she can't identify it from their description, but it doesn't sound like a lizard that she's familiar with, so it must be a dinosaur. Captain Harris interrupts the group, saying, "I don't care what it is, how am I and my men supposed to deal with it if we can't kill it!!?"

Outside the garage, Jessica talks to the men that James left outside, and tells them that they're to keep the public away from the entrance, and that they're not to let Welles, Tate, or any of the nearby policemen giving them the evil eye into the underground garage. If it is a dinosaur or other prehistoric creature, they don't want the public or those in official capacities knowing what's going on. As she talks to them, a frantic woman accompanied by a mall security agent comes up to the cordon, and tries to break through. Attracting Jessica's attention with her shouting, Jessica sees the woman, and recognises her - Eileen Hamilton. Getting a bad feeling, Jessica heads in that direction, even as Orin Welles and Marshall Tate are moving towards her as well.

Back in the Shrewe's Court Mall parking garage, Harrison moves forward, attempting to track the creature, and seeing its tracks in the dirt, oil, and what appears to be a viscous dark substance in the flickering light of the garage, stops to check it out. He determines [after spending a Story Point] that it's blood, but can't tell if it's the creature's (and perhaps the soldier hit it) or someone else's. Telling James to let him take the lead and to keep his soldiers on a leash, he moves on into the garage. Olivia, having accompanied Amanda, as she convinced the soldiers it's safer to keep the girl with them at this point, is talking with Amanda, her emotions bubbling over. They discuss the creature that she saw, and Olivia is set on the idea that it's obviously something from the Cretaceous. Harrison tells Amanda and Olivia to stay a bit behind, and let the soldiers come forward, but Amanda is having none of that, and she is unable to convince Olivia to stay back. ("Hey, I already faced that...whatever it is... and I'm not going to miss the action!")

Jessica reaches Eileen Hamilton before the detective or the Mall manager does so, and she learns from her that Olivia is missing inside the Mall. She explains what they were doing there, and Jessica realises that Olivia must have gone down to the parking garage to see what was going on. Detective Welles and Marshall Tate reach them, and demand to know what's going on. Jessica manages to soothe ruffled feathers [spending 2 Story Points], and while the detective and the Mall manager learn what's happened, they don't lose their cool, and Jessica convinces them (and Eileen Hamilton) that the Animal Control team will find her and keep her safe.

Down in the parking garage, James Harris tells Harrison that he can hear the creature up ahead. Shining their torches in the direction James indicated, the player characters make out the creature in the light. "Magnificent!" mutters Amanda, as the prehistoric creature charges at the group. Seeing the creature charge at Olivia, who manages to stand her ground, James Harris fires his assault weapon at the beast, wounding it. It retreats deeper into the parking garage, even as Amanda and Harrison berate James for what he's just done. Olivia, chagrined at being responsible for the creature's attacks at the moment, tells the rest of the characters that she knows what they need to do...and that she'll serve as bait. Amidst a violent argument among the players characters and the soldiers about this, a blood-curdling scream cuts through their debate.

Friday night's game session of the Primeval RPG campaign was highly enjoyable, and a good time for all concerned. The game session had a little bit of something for everyone, and was full of good roleplaying, both between the characters and among the characters and several of the NPCs. Kathy was pretty pleased with how Ellie's Olivia was brought back into the adventure, and the players are all curious as to what the creature is1. Mark, who is new to the game system, said he's very much enjoying himself, and loves the Threat mechanic, and he's having a good time being "in charge of the military guys". Angela had a good night, and did a fine job playing Jessica, and her character had some good interaction with two of the main NPCs at this point.

Overall, a fun evening and a good game session of the Primeval RPG, and I'm quite looking forward to next week's game session.


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