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Hot, Muggy Monday Morning

Monday morning in the Ottawa valley. The start of another work week.

Today is going to be a scorcher here in Ottawa, with temperatures expected of around 34oC, and a humidex up in the early 40s. There's a heat advisory out for the day, and there are also thunderstorms expected in the afternoon, as the temperature is due to drop into the mid-20s for tomorrow. Fitting for the Summer Solstice, but just crazy weather.

Spent yesterday afternoon creating a couple of characters for the Promised Sands RPG, v1, and had fun with that. I've done up several of these characters as I'm planning to convert them over to Promised Sands 2nd Edition when that comes out, hopefully some time in the late summer.

Meanwhile, the office is relatively cool, and I'm sipping from a cup of hot herbal tea, as I need to keep hydrating. I've got a doctor's appointment for 1:30 pm today, and will be leaving work a bit early for that, though I'm dreading going out in this heat. Just thinking about it makes me want to hydrate.
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