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Doctor Appointment Outcome

Home from the doctor's office and my appointment.

The appointment was to go over my having taken Lyrica for the last couple of weeks, and decide whether it's working for me or whether I need to switch to another medication to achieve the same results.

He talked with me for about half an hour, also checking out some odd markings on my body (and no, I'm not telling folks where!), and going over my symptoms on the Lyrica. Based on the symptoms that I told him about, and his thoughts on the odd marks on my body, the doctor decided that I should go off Lyrica, and he gave me a prescription for the generic of the drug, called Gabapentin.

I need to get the Lyrica out of my system before I start on the Gabapentin, so I won't pick up the prescription for that for a few days. Just hope I can handle the pain in the left leg and ankle/foot in the meantime.
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