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Computer Choices

And so, another work week begins.

The gaming this weekend went pretty well, and I'll post about that some time later today.

On the computer front, I have caved in and decided to spend another $300 in an attempt to get the data off my old laptop drive. Oh, plus the $50 he charged me to do the diagnostic and all. In essence, I am gambling on getting something out of this, but more on that later.

The guy who's doing this for me is a friend of a friend, who works in a Data Recovery company here in Ottawa. He told me that the hard drive was actually fried, and the data corrupted. This could be due to the initial death of the old laptop, but that it could also have resulted from some of the three previous attempts to recover the data. That said, he told me that there is a way to recover whatever is available on the hdd, using a program that takes 48 hours to run, but that I'm only guaranteed of getting back around 60-70% of the data on the drive, and there's no way to know which files will be recovered. The gamble I'm taking by spending that money is this: The data on that old hard drive represents about 12 years of my life, both writing and gaming and other stuff. My current gaming contract file is also on that drive. If the data recovered includes the file that I was working on for a contract that pays me a lot of money, than the $300 is a good deal. If the data doesn't include that file, but I still get back 60-70% of my last 12 years of stuff, than it's a good deal as well, since it saves me having to rewrite a lot of files and the like. Either way, I sort of win. At least, that's what I'm trying to convince myself and that I made the right choice.

I should know something about this either today, or by Wednesday at the latest.

In the meantime, this means there will be no new bed for me this year. *sigh*
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