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Wednesday Thoughts (Primarily of Legs and Feet)

It's Wednesday morning. The middle of the work week, sort of, because this weekend celebrates the July 1st Canada Day weekend.

I can't really think about that yet, to be honest. Today promises to be a bit of a stressful day.

After I get off work, I'm going to have the ultrasound on my legs that the vascular surgeon (well, I think it's the vascular surgeon) has ordered. I'm somewhat concerned about this, to be honest, as my legs (and the left ankle and foot) are hurting somewhat bad, and I know how the technician/whoever presses with the device for the ultrasound on the body part. Truth be told, I'm a little bit scared, and I'm worried that I may not be able to walk when the tests are done.

That said, I'm grateful that the tests are being done, finally. The pain in my left leg and ankle is pretty bad these days, and there are some days that I really can't walk. Let alone put a shoe on the left leg with its swollen ankle. This set of tests is hopefully the start of figuring out what's happening with my legs, and doing something for it. If nothing else, get a bit of relief from the pain. I won't actually get the results until the middle of July, when I see the vascular surgeon, but I guess I should be happy that I've got the appointment.

In the meantime, just trying to keep my head on straight today. (The leg/ankle/foot pain is pretty severe today.)

And back to work.
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