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Home From the Doppler Ultrasound Tests

Got home from the Sound Care Medical and Imaging Centre around 3:00 pm.

Well, actually from the local Kelsey's restaurant. I actually came home and showered after the appointment for the ultrasound and then went back out and had a late lunch at Kelsey's. The less said about the food at Kelsey's, the better.

The ultrasound tests on my legs and lower torso were what are called Doppler ultrasounds (see, you learn something new every day), and while they weren't pleasant, what with some of the other tests that the lovely sonographer ran on me, it wasn't as bad as I thought. My lower legs are both hurting now, the left leg moreso than before, and I had gel in places where gel should never go (except under (very) rare and... different circumstances), but the shower helped somewhat with that.

I'm supposed to game this evening with the Wednesday night group, and other than the pain I'm in right now (which will hopefully go away after some relaxing with my leg up for the next little while), I'm inclined to run tonight's game session. Besides, it's the Primeval RPG, and I always like running that game, so...
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