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Friday and the Weekend, and Ottawa Bluesfest

Friday morning. The weekend is almost upon us.

It has definitely been a long work week, and to be honest, a week that I'll be glad to see the back of.

Work has been hectic this week since Monday, and the stuff that I'm working on is coming along, but the meetings have been the dragging point of the week in that regard.

On the health front, I'm doing as all right as can be expected at this point. The ankle and leg pain is still pretty bad, but I'm dealing with that as best I can. Hope to get some answers next week when I see the vascular surgeon. I've still got the headaches that I've been plagued with, but I'm accounting for those being either that I've caught a bug or that it's something to do with either allergies or humidity. In good news, the dentist appointment yesterday was fine, but I am rather peeved this morning that my teeth are hurting after the cleaning. *sigh*

I intend to take it relatively easy this weekend. I've got gaming with the Friday night and Sunday afternoon groups this weekend, but otherwise I'm planning to read, do some writing, watch a PVR episode or three, maybe some DVD stuff, so we'll see.

The RBC Bluesfest here in Ottawa started yesterday, and runs from the 7th to the 17th of July, and I may go and see a couple of shows (depending on what friends have or have not arranged). Coeur de Pirate is playing this evening, but I'm gaming with the Friday group tonight, so won't be seeing her show. I'd love to see Lindsey Stirling on the 14th, but we'll see if that's possible since I've got the appointment with the vascular surgeon the day before; Goddess knows what will happen after that. There's a couple of other acts I'd like to see, but je ne sais pas if I can arrange anything. And there's my feet to worry about, so...

Anyway, one day at a time.
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