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Saturday Morning Thoughts

It's the weekend.

Not starting off well on this Saturday. Dark, gloomy day outside, raining, occasional thunderstorms. This is what happens when you get periods of very hot, humid weather as we do in Ottawa. It's supposed to rain most of the day off and on, and have more thunderstorms, but we'll see what the day brings as it goes on.

I had a good evening gaming with the Friday night players, getting to play as DavidM continued to run his Foundation-based game using the Sixcess Core system. I'll blog more about this later today, but suffice to say that was a fun evening, and I had a pretty relaxed time of it.

I'll be running the Primeval RPG game campaign once more on Sunday, and am looking forward to that, but have a bit of work stuff on that I need to do some time today, so that'll keep me busy for a bit.

Other than that, some laundry to do, both washing and folding already clean stuff, and I'll try and get in some reading during the day as well. Might have a chance to watch some PVR or DVD stuff, but I'll see how the time management goes.

Anyway, been on my legs too long already this morning and the pain is pretty bad. Time to put my foot up or some such for a bit.
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