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Friday Night Game - Sixcess Core, Session 2

Last night, the Friday night gaming group came out for an evening of gaming, as per usual. Well, not so usual, as this time out, DavidM was running a game. DavidM continued to run his Foundation universe styled game of the Sixcess Core game system. I wasn't running the game, which was great (in a manner of speaking), as I got to play the game, rather than run it. Here is a small write-up of last night's session. You can read about the previous session, sort of, in this blog post. I've not placed the game notes behind the cut, since I'm just writing a short post about the game.

After I had finished supper, DavidM and the other players arrived, and after catching up on the week (and a couple of other things) we settled into an evening's gaming. As mentioned elsewhere, I'm playing Dr. Henry Gooderson, a social scientist-cum-historian with an interest in what causes the rise and falls of civilisations. Kathy is playing the attractive, female pilot, Asana Kane; Ellie is playing Hallie Landruman, an exotic woman from one of the outlying worlds whose occupation isn't clear to any of us (the player characters), and Mark is playing Davyd Mersande, a technical wiz and all around jury rig kind of guy with a background in the militia of some sort.

Anyway... the player characters had stumbled into an underground facility of possible alien origin while escaping from the pirates, and with the help of Davyd and Hallie were able to rig a device to incapacitate the attackers. We explored the facility, obviously in ruins, and my character's familiarity with the alien writing allowed us to access some of the equipment there, though we did release some servitor robots that seemed friendly enough (but it turned out didn't have the Asimovian Laws of Robotics programmed into them). We had a few more misadventures in the ruined facility, met up with one of the survivors (don't ask!) of the pirates who'd attacked us, and managed to get off the planet in one piece using our ship, jury rigged with some of the pirate ship's gear. I wanted to stay, as the ruins were important, but Asana and Davyd talked me out of it (he cold cocked me with his rifle, and next thing I knew I woke up on the ship!

Overall, it was a fun night of gaming, and I very much enjoyed myself. DavidM was much more comfortable with the Sixcess Core rules, and I found that the rules were simpler to work with when playing the game than when running it. (I didn't have to know the rules or worry about them, as when I'm running the game.) Something that DavidM concurred with, though he added that he's not run a game before (or at least not in a long time).

DavidM and the others are more than happy getting back to playing the Primeval RPG campaign again next week, so I guess my stint as a player is over for the next little while (unless I can talk spross into running something on Sundays). That said, I'm happy to have had these two weeks to play games, and look forward to my next opportunity to do so.
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