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Friday Game Report - Primeval RPG Session 31

I meant to post this up yesterday, but things got away from me and so it's a day later than I planned. Two nights ago, on Friday night, the Friday night gaming group continued on with their ongoing Primeval RPG game campaign. Here's the game session report. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Amanda Tarrascon (Kathy) – Zoologist
Jessica Ransome (Angela) – Ex-Diplomat
Harrison Williams (DavidM) – Tourist Guide
Olivia Hamilton (Ellie) – Precocious Young Girl
Captain James Harris (Mark) - SAS Soldier

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Without any hesitation at all, Olivia Hamilton dashes off into the garage depths, seeking out the source of the cries. Cursing under his breath, Captain James Harris orders two of his men to follow him, and races after the girl. Amanda Tarrascon and Harrison Williams look at each other in a perturbed manner, and head in after the others. The two of them reach James and his men, and it is Harrison who spots Olivia, kneeling next to the crumpled fender of a small sedan.

Back outside the Shrewe's Court Mall, Jessica Ransome is becoming even more frustrated and annoyed with Orin Welles and Marshall Tate, and eventually decides that she's had enough. Taking charge of the two men that Captain Harris left with her, she orders them to come with her and heads into the Mall proper, much to the dismay of Marshall Tate. Detective Welles tells her that he's coming with her, but she says he's got no experience with animals, the way she and her team do, but he's not buying that. She tells him to piss off and remain outside with his precious policemen, and heads inside. The two SAS soldiers follow after her, somewhat reluctantly.

The group make their way over to her, Captain Harris's men standing guard, and find that Olivia is cradling a young woman's head in her arms, two major slash marks on the woman's body indicating where the creature had gone. Calling to his medic, James tells Cpl. Rogers to help the woman as best he can. While Olivia remains with them, Amanda tells James that they need a plan. "We've got a creature on the loose down here," he tells her angrily. "What would you have me do!!?" "Use your brains, instead of your heart," Amanda replies. After discussing matters for several minutes, James. Amanda, and Harrison come up with a plan of attack.

Entering the shopping mall, Jessica looks nervously around. The two soldiers attempt to get in touch with Captain Harris, but there's some sort of radio interference. Jessica tells them that that's proof positive it's not just some wild animal that's wandered into the mall. There has to be an Anomaly somewhere. Missing the absent sounds of a normal mall, Jessica is somewhat on edge. Firm in her belief that there's no one to be found above ground, Jessica leads the men towards the nearest lifts to the parking garage levels. As they enter one of the lifts, Jessica almost slips and falls on some animal scat. She looks worriedly at two soldiers as the lift descends.

In the parking garage, James leads his men and the other player characters deeper into the garage, the somewhat scared Olivia following eagerly but slowly. Having left one of his men with the young woman, the characters are led by Harrison as he follows the creature's trail through the oil, water, and blood that adorns the concrete floor of the garage. They move as quietly as they can, talking in whispers. Amanda slips on a slick part of the floor, making a racket as her torch falls to the ground [and gains 1 Story Point for the complication]. One of the soldiers goes over and helps her to her feet, as the creature charges towards them out of the shadows!

Emerging on SubLevel B (SL B], Jessica allows the two soldiers to take the lead. They come upon a scene of carnage, where several shoppers have been taken out of a smashed vehicle, and are being chewed on by one of the creatures. Jessica is unable to hold it in, and vomits all over the ground, attracting the creature's attention. It roars, and charges towards Jessica. The two soldiers open fire at the beast.

Elsewhere in the garage, Amanda attempts to get out of the way as the charging dinosaur comes towards her, and barely succeeds [spending 3 Story points to do so]. James opens fire at the creature, wounding it, and the dinosaur retreats back into the shadows behind a pair of crumpled SUVs. Harrrison goes over to check on Amanda, and finds she's a little bit stunned from impacting the ground. Olivia gives her some water from her bottle, for which Amanda is grateful. James tells her that they've got to someone box in the creature, but Amanda tells him they still haven't found the Anomaly. James angrily tells her that he's not going to let any more innocents get hurt, and that if necessary the creature has to die.

The dinosaur bowls over the two SAS men, as they get between it and its intended prey [Jessica], wounding them (one severely), and turns its attention on the hapless former diplomat. Diving towards the rifle dropped by one of the two soldiers, Jessica comes up shooting [she spends 3 Story Points], and while her shot goes wild at the almost point blank creature, it veers off, racing out and away on the parking garage floor. The shaken Jessica goes and checks on the two soldiers, but one of them dies as her medical skills aren't up to his injuries. She collapses on the ground, sobbing, but still cradling his rifle.

Harrison interposes himself between Amanda and James, telling the latter that they have a responsibility to both the people in the world as well as to the creatures. A compromise has to be reached. James angrily shoves him away, gesturing at Olivia, and asking how they're also supposed to protect *her* from the creature. The decision is made for them as the dinosaur moves away from its hiding place and heads for one of the banks of lifts they can see on the side of the garage hallway. Harrison races in its direction, a crowbar in hand, saying they can't let it get away. The others put aside their differences for the moment, and go after him. Olivia is the first to get within range, and throws her torch at the creature; she misses, but the noise draws the dinosaur's attention. It turns on them.

Recovering her composure, Jessica asks the other soldier, Wilcox, if he's all right, but he says that he's got a broken leg. She tells him that she'll go get help, and dashes off, Wilcox pointing out she's heading towards where the creature ran off... Jessica makes her way deeper onto Sub-Level B, and sees what appears to be a shimmering ahead of her. Cautiously hiding behind a vehicle that's been badly stomped on, Jessica sees the Anomaly. Even as she watches, another of the creatures (or perhaps the same one?) emerges from the bright portal into the underground garage.

Friday night's game session of the Primeval RPG was a lot of fun, and one of the first sessions in a while of the game where there was a lot of action. Story Points were flying off and on the table as the game session went on, and the players got really involved in the session, with some heated character interaction, notably with Mark's character having some "problems" with the approach taken by the other characters. There was a also a bit of humour in the session to leaven the serious moments (a lot of those!), and the players commented when we were finished that this was one of the most enjoyable sessions of the game they'd played in a bit.

A great evening of gaming with the Friday night group. Look forward to next week's session, to be sure! :)
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