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New Kickstarter - Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG

For those who are roleplaying gamers and interested in such things, there's a new science fiction roleplaying game on the horizon (pun intended) that's currently being Kickstarted.

Coriolis - The Third Horizon is a Swedish roleplaying game that is being published in English by Fria Ligan/Free League Publishing (site is in Swedish, folks!), and that looks amazing in terms of the artwork for the game, but has a rather neat set of conceits and conceptions. Here's the link to the Kickstarter itself:

Coriolis - The Third Horizon Kickstarter Page

Aside from the rules of the game (which are based on the Mutant: Year Zero system from the same company in association with Modiphius Entertainment), Coriolis – The Third Horizon has a neat premise: Firefly meets the Arabian Nights! It features a unique blend of semi-hard sci-fi and stories like the old Arabian Nights. Coriolis has starships, portals, beam weapons... but also janissaries, djinni, and wandering prophets. It has desert kasbahs with bio-engineered camels and floating anti-grav palaces with emirs carried in litters by their human servants. It mixes the fantastic sense of wonder from science fiction with the fantasy of fairy tales.

The other neat aspect of the game are the Icons, gods that actually listen to your prayers much like the pantheon from fantasy stories, but with faces that fit the culture and sci-fi setting of Coriolis. For example, the Icon that serves as protector of all starship crews is often portrayed like a tired boy holding a switch key. The Icons' antithesis is the Dark between the Stars, a primordial force without angle or vector, which feeds and influences the people of The Third Horizon.

Overall, Coriolis - The Third Horizon looks to be a fascinating game, and I pledge around it back on Friday. I hope this post gives you some interest in the game, and perhaps motivates you to take a peek at the Kickstarter, and perhaps pledge around the game.
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