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Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday afternoon gaming group continued on with their Primeval RPG game campaign. Here's the game session report. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Dr. Timothy Carson (SteveR) - Geologist
Gwendolyn Thorpe (Tammy) - Tour Guide
Dr. Jennifer Dorchester (GM/NPC) - Palaeontologist
Alexander Valentine (GM/NPC) - Media Specialist

Friday, June 15th, 2007

The player characters and the SAS soldiers arrive in Cheatham, to find a small town of about 200 people. There are a couple of pubs, a decent-sized hotel/motel, a church that has seen better days, and other amenities. The two SUVs pull up at a pub called the Will 'o the Wisp. The characters exit the vehicles and stretch. Sgt. Denby says that they've all earned a drink, so should get one in the pub.

Timothy Carson, Jennifer Dorchester, Sgt. Denby, and his soldiers go into the pub, leaving Gwendolyn Thorpe and Alexander Valentine outside the pub. Jennifer goes and sits at one of the tables, while Denby and his men sit at another, and Timothy goes and orders drinks. There are only a couple of other patrons in the pub. Timothy orders seven beers, but drops two of them as he's taking them to the tables, the mugs breaking all over the floor, and sloshing him from his feet up to the lower part of his pants. He apologises to the barkeeper, buys two more mugs of beer, and pays the barkeep for the two broken mugs and the effort of having to clean up. The publican[, Andrew Langden,] shouts for his daughter, Violet, to clean up the mess.

After a short discussion outside the pub, and Alexander removing his jacket and loosening his tie, he and Gwen enter the pub. They look around, spot the other two patrons, but Gwen also sees a poster advertising Gavigan Tours, and a tour of the Roman limestone ruins. Looking at the other posters, Alexander spots one of Boy George and the publican. Langden comes over to them, proud of that poster, and Alexander befriends the publican with his interest in the band (and several others whose photos adorn the walls) and his skills. They talk about Gavigan Tours, but Langden says there are no tours going on now, as it's not tourist season.

Alexander says he saw the North Bovey paper article about the death of the child, Mark Levy, and Langden says that what the papers didn't report was that the lad was dragged into the swamp, where he was found. Gwen asks if anyone saw what dragged him, and Langden says that Old Tom Hunter, the trapper, said it was likely a will 'o wisp that done it, a fact confirmed by someone called Granisham, who claimed that he saw it drag the boy off in the wooded part of the bog (where will 'o wisps are commonly found). [Alexander spends a Story Point, but gets it back for his efforts.] Langden says there have also been goverment men in black suits and with snubby guns concealed at their shoulder looking into the matter. When Gwen asks how he knows they were government men, Langden gives her a knowing look, and says that he knew just as he knows that Denby and his men are SAS. Randy [Phipps] and Joe [Sandham], the two fellows sitting in the pub, and he served in the military; he knows the look. Andy Langden whispers that he was part of Project Whitelight in WW II, and that there were rumours of giant lizards. "Whatever is out there, t'aint natural," Langden adds. Gwen and Alexander join Jennifer and Timothy at the table, Langden accompanying them. They order some stew, and Denby and his men say that sounds good, and order food as well. The conversation turns back to Gavigan Tours. Langden says there was another woman asking about Gavigan, saying that she told him she worked for Kensington Tours. Gwen has a bad feeling about the situation.

As the player characters are eating their pub stew, Caroline Spencer comes into the Will 'o the Wisp. [Gwen gets a Story Point.] Gwen and Caroline have a rather unpleasant reunion, with lots of insinuation and name dropping (Franklin Cartwright, Robert Horvath, and Roger Jones). Caroline tells Gwen that she's received a job offer from the "same group" that's employing her, and she is mulling it over. Caroline departs snottily for another table in the pub. After she has left, Langden asks them what they do and Gwen says that they investigate things that are unusual, and he realises they are all part of a team.

After business picks up and several more patrons and regulars enter the pub, and the gossip goes around, the characters discuss what they're going to do. Sgt. Denby comes over, and says they need to get settled for the moment. Langden says there's only one hotel/motel in the town, the Harper's Muse, and Gwen says that she's dreading the fact that Caroline will likely be staying there.

Once the player characters and soldiers arrive at the Harper's Muse, they realise there is limited accommodation. Gwen and Jennifer agree to room together, Alexander will room with Denby - while his men bivouac outside, they're used to it - and Timothy will room on his own, though the innkeeper says that he's only got a small room, somewhat cramped, but Timothy says it will do.

The morning of the 16th arrives, somewhat cool and rainy. The team meets at the Will 'o Wisp for breakfast, Denby and his men already there when the rest of the characters arrive. The smell of mulled wine greets Gwen, Timothy, Jennifer, and Alexander when they enter, and they start the morning with good, hearty, home fare. The characters talk about their plans, and how to divide up their forces. Alexander suggests that one of the avenues they pursue is the church, as it likely has most of the town records of the past, since there's no library in Cheatham.

They are interrupted by the arrival of Abigail McGregor, one of the guides from Gavigan Tours, who was directed to them by Langden. She tells them a bit about the tours of the Roman limestone ruins, and they are surprised to learn that there are both surface and underwater tours. However, they are too dangerous in the current weather conditions, and the underwater tours are usually only conducted during the summer season. Alexander asks if she knows about Mark Levy, the boy who was killed, and she tells them she does; she was the one who led both the police and the government men to the site where the body was found. When asked about the government men, she says that Gwen knows she can't tell her, as they're clients. Abigail says she can lead them to the same place, and names a price. She says that she can reduce the price slightly, depending on the number of people going to the swamp, but that she needs to charge hazard fees.

The Sunday session of the Primeval RPG campaign was a lot of fun, and involved some excellent roleplaying in a couple of sequences, but didn't have a lot of action to it. Both spross and Tammy seemed to have a good session of it, though SteveR was pretty clumsy in the social situations they had to work with.

Overall, a good session of Sunday gaming. I'm looking forward to the next session.


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