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Friday Game Report - Primeval RPG Session 32

Last night, the Friday night gaming group continued on with their ongoing Primeval RPG game campaign. Here's the game session report. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Amanda Tarrascon (Kathy) – Zoologist
Jessica Ransome (Angela) – Ex-Diplomat
Harrison Williams (DavidM) – Tourist Guide
Olivia Hamilton (Ellie) – Precocious Young Girl
Captain James Harris (Mark) - SAS Soldier

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Harrison Williams manages through a burst of speed to interpose himself between the creature and the set of lifts. Armed with the crowbar, he swings it at the creature every time it attempts to get closer to the lifts. Captain James Harris approaches with his men, followed closely by Olivia Hamilton and Amanda Tarrascon. James asks Amanda if she can identify the dinosaur, but she says not yet. Harrison shouts they shouldn't shoot the creature. He asks if they can somehow pen it in, but the dinosaur makes the decision for them, lunging for Harrison and the lifts. He defends himself with the crowbar, but doesn't do all that much damage to it. James says they don't really have a choice but to shoot it, and he and his men raise their weapons.

Meanwhile, on SubLevel B, Jessica Ransome is hiding behind a Toyota of some sort, watching as another of the creatures emerges from the Anomaly. She sees the creature heading in the direction of the injured soldier, and realises she has to do something. Thinking quickly, she takes out her torch, and shines the light in the direction of the creature; the bright flashes of light attracts its attention. It emits a roar, and charges at her! She barely manages to dodge out of the way [spending a Story Point], and the creatures smashes into the Toyota. It's none the worse for the wear, though the vehicle is shifted several feet, and turns towards her once more.

Before he can stop them, one of James's men fires at the creature, but misses. The enraged creature charges at him, and the bloody body of the guard is thrown several metres, the body coming to rest against a vehicle. Olivia screams [gaining a Story Point], and the creature turns towards her. Harrison attacks the creature with the crowbar, but his strike is ineffective (actually he misses the beast), and it claws him [doing 4 points of damage]. James finally gives in, and fires his assault rifle at the creature but misses, and the animal dashes off into the depths of the garage. Olivia hears what sounds like a muffled crashing of a car, coming from what seems to be the lifts, and alerts the others. [She doesn't know this was happening with Jessica on SubLevel B]. James tells the characters they need to check out what's happening below them, and tells Amanda and Harrison to go with Olivia and check things out, while he and his soldiers deal with the creature on this level.

Elsewhere, Jessica plays a game of cat-and-mouse, barely dodging away from the creature as it stalks her. She is able to make out the sound of the lifts, and decides to make her way back in that direction. The creature comes after her, but it is alerted by something else and moves off to her left. She thinks it's heading back towards the Anomaly. As she forgets to exercise caution, she senses the charging figure of the creature moments before it attacks her [spending a pair of Story Points], and it misses her by several centimetres. It slams into the wall near the lifts, and seems stunned. The lift doors start to open...

Amanda and Harrison, along with the worried Olivia, enter the lift, and Harrison punches the button that sends it on its way. Meanwhile, Captain Harris and his men go in search of the dinosaur. They find the creature easily enough. Bearing what Harrison and the others told him, James hesitates, and the creature charges and kills one of his men. Overcome by anger, James and his men fire at the creature, killing it in a hail of bullets [and inflicting 2 Temporal Damage]. Telling his men to take charge of matters and to prevent anyone from approaching the creature, James heads for the lifts to go and find the rest of the team.

...and Jessica throws herself into the lift, slamming hard into Harrison and the others, knocking them all off their feet. As the creature charges towards the lift, a somewhat cool Olivia slams on the button as the creature partially manages to stick its head into the lift. Harrison gives the creature a solid kick [spending a Story Point], and the creature is pushed back - and the lift doors close! The player characters breathe a sigh of relief, as they pull themselves up to their feet, and the three women exchange a quick hug. Their relief is short-lived, as the power goes out in the lift, which grinds to a halt.

As James arrives at the area of the sub-basement lifts, the power on the whole garage floor flickers, and then goes out. Captain Harris curses under his breath, and quickly draws out his torch. He also tries to call his men on the walkie-talkie that he has, but there's no answer to his calls as the device is filled with static. James heads back in the direction of his men, but he can clearly hear that the creature is somewhere out there. There are several loud screams and the sounds of gunfire, and then the parking garage goes quiet, except for some incidental noises. James cautiously makes his way back to where he last left his men.

In the dark lift, Olivia comes close to panicking in the face of their situation, but Harrison and Amanda bring out torches and shed some light on the situation. Since they don't know how long the lift will be immobile, the characters decide that they'll climb out into the shaft and head back up to the Sub-Level that Jessica had been on, especially after she tells them of the Anomaly that she saw there. With some effort and several Story Points being spent, the characters heroically exit through the top of the lift, and climb up to the next level, where Harrison is barely able to open the lift doors [with the expenditure of 2 Story Points]. Emerging back onto Sub-Level B, they realise that they can see somewhat in the flickering light of the Anomaly. It is Amanda who can make out the pair of creatures moving furtively among the vehicles in the flickering shadow light of the Anomaly. The group decides that they need some sort of new plan...

Friday night's game session of the Primeval RPG was a fun, action-filled game session that had the players both laughing and struggling for their lives somewhat. Filled with all manner of action and decent roleplaying, this was a game session where when we finished, several of the players said it was one of the best sessions they've had in a long time. I felt really good about that, let me tell you! The sequence in the lift shaft was one full of some good roleplaying moments, a bit of humour, and some close calls only alleviated by the use of Story Points. Angela told me that she was terrified the whole time her characters was facing the creature alone on Sub-Level B, but that she had a really enjoyable time doing it - though she was quite pleased when she literally slammed into the other characters in the lift!

Overall, a fabulous, entertaining evening of gaming in the Primeval RPG game system campaign. I'm quite looking forward to next Friday's game session!
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