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The Polaris 3rd Edition GM Screen

As mentioned yesterday, my copies of the various Polaris 3rd Edition RPG game materials from backing the game Kickstarter have arrived. Since some folks didn't order the GM Screen for the game, I figured I would post up some photos of the GM Screen here. So let's get on with it. :)

The "Booklet" that comes with the GM Screen

The picture above (excuse my lousy photography skills) shows the outermost blurb for the GM Screen package. This contains the GM Screen itself (see below) and the booklet of additional GM Charts all organised by function (see below).


The loose sheets of GM Charts included with the Screen

The photo above shows the pages of the GM Charts included with the Polaris GM Screen. Like all the printed materials for the game, these sheets are somewhat thicker than normal, and are quite solid. Lovely.

The Polaris RPG GM Screen, Interior

The picture above shows the interior of the GM Screen for the Polaris 3rd Edition RPG. All the tables that one could hope for that are of use during play. A nice matte finish, so the interior of the GM Screen isn't too bright or reflective. Just right. (And a lot of game companies could learn from this.)

The Polaris RPG GM Screen, Exterior

The above photo shows the exterior panels of the Polaris 3rd Edition RPG GM Screen. A magnificent piece of artwork featuring the neutral city of Equinox by Simon Labrousse, with a spot UV varnish that covers only parts of the cover to make them stand out. Simply marvellous, and absolutely beautiful.

And for those who didn't pick up the GM Screen through the Kickstarter, it will be available in shoppes around August 31st or so. :)

Any thoughts, comments, or general remarks are more than welcome. :)
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