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August is a New Month

It's the 1st of August. A new month.

I have to say that I'm quite relieved for the most part. While the first six months of 2016 weren't exactly great for me, the month of July passed with several health issues that I have to admit were pretty scary. Some of the highlights of the month of July include:

- creating characters with the various groups for the Sixcess Core game to see what the system is like. My favourite generic rpg, I think, though I'm looking forward to some of the Setting books for this one.

- getting to play in DavidM's Friday night game of Sixcess Core, based in an Asimovian Foundation-like setting. Lots of fun, and it's always great when I get a chance to play, rather than GM.

- going to RBC Bluesfest and seeing Lindsey Stirling</i> live in concert. Just a fun evening, and a sterling (no pun intended!) performance.

- receiving the Polaris 3rd Edition roleplaying game Kickstarter rewards that that I pledged for. The most beautiful, well-made gaming products I've ever seen with stunning content. This was, by far, the *best* Kickstarter I've beeen involved with to date.

As for August, well... There's a couple of doctor appointments ahead of me this month, including footcare, and I'm waiting for a call to have a biopsy. I'm just going to take the month day-by-day, and am going to try and relax and not stress over stuff as much as I can. I plan to keep watching and catch up on some DVDs and some book reading, and will have to get back to planning and plotting game adventures for the stuff I'm running.

But for now, back to relaxing for the day off from work. :)
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