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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Primeval RPG Session 28

Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday afternoon gaming group continued on with their Primeval RPG game campaign. Here's the game session report. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Dr. Timothy Carson (SteveR) - Geologist
Gwendolyn Thorpe (Tammy) - Tour Guide
Dr. Jennifer Dorchester (GM/NPC) - Palaeontologist
Alexander Valentine (GM/NPC) - Media Specialist

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

After eating lunch with Father Flanagan at the Will 'o the Wisp pub, Timothy Carson and the Father return to the church. Father Flanagan returns to his duties, and Timothy heads back down to the basement. He finds the files and papers that he had put aside are gone. He searches for them, but there's no sign of them. He dashes upstairs to find Father Flanagan, bu discovers the Father is leading a service for several worshippers. He heads back down to the church basement.

Going back upstairs, Timothy sees that Robert Horvath is one of the worshippers, dressed in monk's robes. He joins him on the bench, but when he tries to talk to Horvath, he is shushed by the people around them. During the process, Timothy is shocked when Father Flanagan invites Brother Horvath to lead the next part of the service. The service continues for a period of 1-1/2 hours. When the service ends, Horvath heads to the pub, Timothy following after him. He tells Horvath about his research into unnatural creatures and will 'o wisps. Horvath laughs at this, but Timothy's draws a bad reaction from Andrew Langden and several other of the pub customers. Horvath claims to know nothing of a theft of papers and documents from the church, and says they should go back to the church and bring this to Father Flanagan's attention, and perhaps call in the police. Back at the church, Father Flanagan knows nothing of documents on the supernatural and the like, as all of those are stored in the church library in North Bovey. He asks if Timothy wants to call in the police.

Meanwhile, a bedraggled group returns from the swamp area to Cheatham. Abigail McGregor helps Gwendoyln Thorpe get Dr. Jennifer Dorchester to the local clinic. At the clinic, David Macklin, the EMT who works there, examines Jennifer and tells the Gwen and Jennifer that she needs stitches and that the wound is infected. While he takes care of her, he tells Jennifer that she needs to fill the 7-day antibiotic prescription at the chemist's, and that she shouldn't go back into the swamp for a bit. Once she's ready, Gwen takes Jennifer back to the Harper's Muse to rest up.

Timothy tells Father Flanagan not to involve the police, claiming that he must be mistaken on what he did with the documents and papers and that they'll likely show up on their own. Horvath takes his leave, and Timothy asks Father Flanagan how long he's known Horvath. He's surprised when the religious man says he's known "Brother Horvath" for some 10-plus years now. Timothy decides to go back to the hotel for now, and leaves the church.

[Somewhere else, Robert Horvath is on the telephone with someone called Frank. He tells Frank that he has a story for him. And then inquires about what he knows and can find out about Cheatham, will 'o wisps, a World War II project called Whitelight, and something called "Anomalies" [adds 2 Exposure points]. The scene cuts back, and on the desk at which Horvath is sitting are the papers, file folders, and other items that Timothy set aside in the church archives.]

Later on, at the pub, Alexander Valentine is sitting to a meal when he is approached by Caroline Spencer. Alexander questions her about her poisonous relationship with Gwen Thorpe, and learns somewhat about it. Caroline gestures underneath the table at which they're sitting, and when Alexander looks underneath, he sees a recording device. He bends down and removes his shoes, and is able to deactivate the device completely [spening 2 Story Points to do so]. Now freely able to talk, Caroline tells him what her "friend", Horvath, has been up to, and Alexander takes an instant like to the woman, and tells her some of the truth of what's going on and why he and the others have come to Cheatham. They are joined at the table by Colin Ferguson, the mayor of Cheatham, whom Alexander befriended earlier in the day. As they talk, Alexander's mobile phone rings.

Gwen and Jennifer meet Alexander Valentine at the pub, after Gwen called him and he suggested it. He introduces them to Colin Ferguson, the mayor of Cheatham, and after "Fergie" leaves, Alexander says that Ferguson was a font of information. Timothy joins them at the table. Gwen, Jennifer, and Timothy tell Alexander and each other what has happened this day. They are somewhat dismayed to learn from Timothy that Horvath may have learned that they work for the Home Office. Afterwards, there is disbelief all around as Alexander tells them that the group now has the distinction of being part of a cult of faerie worshippers, as Timothy's actions and words at the church have gotten around. (The geologist is searching for faerie stones.) Gwen sees that Robert Horvath is sitting at a table near them, and he comes over and chats with them. He tells them his story of why he's come to Cheatham, and that he's been ordained for some 10 years or so. Almost gloating, Horvath leaves.

As he's leaving, Caroline Spencer arrives on the scene. She and Horvath exchange a greeting, and Gwen gives Alexander a worried look. Caroline says that she comes in peace, and points out the recording device under the table, Alexander saying that she pointed the device out to him earlier, and he's disabled it. As another sign of good faith to her "friend and ally" Gwen, Caroline shows them another piece of evidence that she nicked from Horvath - the mini-cassette of his recording of Timothy from the church, and one of the newspaper articles from 1943 taken by Horvath. "Are we friends now?" Caroline charmingly asks Gwen. [She converts the Adversary Trait to the Friend Trait.] Caroline and Alexander tell them that Horvath's wife, Emily, was killed in Henderson Park by the creatures that the characters dealt with there (Jennifer tells them they're called Coelophysis), and that he saw the Anomaly at the park. She says that Horvath believes the characters know where other "Shards" are, and that's why he's been following them. Alexander says that there's only one way to fix the problem created by Timothy, and that's to partially come clean with the Cheatham inhabitants - and to let Sgt. Denby and his men "off their leash". Jennifer tells them that she's not sure they'll be able to stop the creatures, as from what she remembers of her experience in the swamp, it looked like the creature's hide was quite thick; the tranquillisers likely won't penetrate it. Besides, they don't know where the Anomaly is (they explain that term to Caroline), so don't know what to do with the creatures even when they find them.

Sunday, the 17th, dawns, and Jennifer's early morning research [she spends 1 Story Point] pays off: the creature they encountered is called Eryops, an amphibious labyrinthodont temnospondyl from the early Permian. Jennifer pays a visit to Gwen, and lets her know what they're dealing with. They talk, and Gwen says that if two of the creatures they may have seen were children or adolescents, the surest way to lure the adult Eryops to the Anomaly would be to get the younger creatures through the temporal portal - if they can find the Anomaly. Gwen says they need to talk to Old Tom Hunter, as she thinks he may know where the Anomaly is, and perhaps he can lead them to it. Sgt. Denby arrives, all SAS military man once more. He tells Gwen that they have something to do, and that he and the other SAS soldiers will see her and the team later on. She worries about what he's up to, especially when he says that she can "blame Alex". Caroline arrives, much to Jennifer's surprise, and tells Gwen that they have a breakfast date for 8 am. "Get to know your ene--, I mean, friends, better, right?" Caroline says sunnily.

Meanwhile, Timothy has awoken early, and is looking through the newspaper article that Caroline gave him. The paper is the Liverpool Daily Post, dated April 14th, 1943. The by-line is that of Robert T. Carson. The main story on the faded page talks of the police investigation into the murder of 8-year-old Duncan O'Malley. He was killed near the Mersey River outlet some two nights before, by a creature that is described by two eyewitnesses as "looked like a huge crocodile". The body of Duncan was found by Thomas C. Hunter, and the lead investigator on the case is a former military person, now a civilian, named Margaret Carwoode.

Timothy goes to visit Gwen, and finds Jennifer and Caroline with her as well. He gives Gwen the newspaper to look at. After she checks out the paper, Timothy wonders out loud what a copy of the Liverpool Daily Post is doing in the church archives in Cheatham?

Sunday afternoon's game session of the Primeval RPG campaign was an interesting and fun one, at least after the first hour or so when spross was running around like a chicken without a head and had no clue what to do. While there was no physical conflict during this session, there was a lot of other stuff going on, and some good roleplaying and character development, and a few surprises as well.

Overall, a decent Sunday afternoon's game session, and I'm looking forward to seeing how things unfold as the scenario continues next week.
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