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Slow Morning at the Office, and RPG Stuff

It's Tuesday morning in the Ottawa valley, the start of an abbreviated work week due to the Civic Holiday here yesterday.

Sitting here at the office this morning, somewhat bored, as things are not all that busy (though I have a staff meeting in about 25 minutes). Due to the slowness of work here at the office, I've had a chance to sit and start the new book that I'm reading at the moment, The Forever Watch by David Ramirez. Not very deep into the book, only four chapters in, but I'm quite enjoying this one. Generation starship novel, with some interesting characters in it so far.

I've also started to read the Polaris 3rd Edition RPG books now that I've had them sitting on the shelf for over a week, and have to say it's a good read, but slow. Didn't bring the rulebooks in to the office with me, though I have shown Donna the Map of the Wor--, err, Deep. She's quite looking forward to playing the game, as she's not done any "proper science fiction roleplaying". I'm reading Corebook 1, and am about 30 pages in, and enjoying the information on the game world. Have to say that the Hegemony is not a place where I'd run a game, but will make for interesting player character opponents! hehe

Anyway, gotta prepare for the staff meeting. Later.
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