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Thoughts of Thursday Morning

It's Thursday morning in Ottawa. Another hot day shaping up in the city once more.

Sitting in the office this morning, I'm contemplating the chat I had with the doctor yesterday at the Diabetes Clinic. My a1C was marginally up by 0.3 points, so we've made one change, upping my dose of Invokana to 300 mg/day. He also gave me a new prescription for the Gabapentin, upping the dose to 300 mg 3 times per day. Hopefully, that will actually help with the leg pain, and not have too many side effects.

Today, I'll be going to the Footcare Clinic for my usual 5 to 6 weeks footcare appointment, and I'm dreading that because of my foot swelling and the pain in my legs. After that, I have another appointment at the hospital for some tests that I'm not going to talk about until later.

As a result of all this, most of my early to mid-afternoon will be otherwise occupied with stuff, so I'm not sure whether I'll be active here or not for the rest of the day.

In the meantime, doing what I can here at the office this morning while not thinking about other things.

Some peppermint tea is in order, methinks. :)
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