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RPGaDay in August - August 4th: Most Impressive Thing

We continue on with #RPGaDay in August...


Day 4 - Most Impressive Thing Another's Character Did?

Oh geez, where do I start? I've been gaming for 40+ years, so I've seen a lot of stuff that players have done that were impressive in roleplaying game sessions. There have been several impressive moments of character action in various games I've run, but these would likely be the top highlights...

An SPI Universe SF RPG session where Nick's character, a pilot and astrogator, managed to navigate the modest-sized freighter Hellion through an asteroid field, a ship that had no real manoeuverability. Not only did he make it, he didn't even ding the paint once. Just...fabulous.

Another game of SPI's Universe SF RPG, Tammy played a character who was seriously injured, and taken to the infirmary by the "doctor" (whom Tammy knew was actually an alien shapeshifting imposter). She played the unknowing character to a "T", knowing full well that she was going to die. Totally heroic.

In a session of the Hollow Earth Expedition RPG, David started playing a big game hunter who was out to bag himself a T. rex. There was a marvellous sequence where the T. rex was charging at him, and he held his ground (making a Resolve check) and fired shot after shot from the hunting rifle he was using, bringing down the dinosaur less than 20 feet away from him.

Those are the three moments that stand out the most, but there are countless other game moments with characters that were absolutely fabulous as well.
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