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RPGaDay in August - August 6th: Amazing Gaming Group Thing

We continue on with RPGaDay in August, this year hosted by BrigadeCon.


Day 6 - Most Amazing Thing a Gaming Group Did for Their Community?

Hmm, don't really know about this one. This is asking about acts of charity, public or private, that a group of gamers has done for people that they know.

I've never been part of a gaming group that undertook community activities, though several of my players were in jobs that had them giving back to the community (and no, I'm not going to speak out of turn here). That said, my gaming groups are very much private, both as individuals in their personal lives and their lives as gamers. Sure, I've run games in the science fiction bookstore I used to run (largely for promotional purposes, but also from the life-long love of gaming) and at conventions, and a few other events, but that's about it.

Not too satisfying an answer, I know, but the only one I've got.
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