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Getting Ready for Friday Night (Board) Gaming

Getting ready for another evening of gaming with the Friday night group.

I'm rather looking forward to this evening, as we'll be playing board games tonight. The Friday nighters are waiting for me to finish reading the Polaris 3rd Edition gaming books and being comfortable enough to run the game (well, at least start the players off with character creation), but in the meantime, we're doing board games until then. It's kind of nice, since it's a more relaxed kind of gaming for me, not having to do any work on the adventure that I want to run or prepare a few encounters and ideas for when things don't go to plan (which is usually always!). It's also a good night of socialising and relaxing with friends, which I adore.

In the meantime, I need to figure out what I'm going to make for supper this evening. So I better get into the kitchen and figure that out.

Have a good night, folks.
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