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Rain, Rain, Go Away (Water Through the Light Fixture)

It turned out yesterday, Saturday, was a somewhat eventful day.

As most folks know, Ottawa and the surrounding area got a thorough soaking yesterday with lots of periods of rain, some of it being very heavy downpour, and thunderstorms. I managed to get out twice and do grocery shopping and some banking stuff in some breaks in the rainfall. But I should have known things wouldn't last.

There were several times during the day when I went into the entryway of my house to get stuff or do stuff, and I could have sworn I felt like my feet were wet. When I checked the bottoms of my feet, they didn't feel damp and I just chalked it up to the problems I'm having with my feet and all.

But then the evening comes with the heavy rainfall and thunderstorm around supper time, and sure enough, it hasn't been my imagination at all. There's water dripping through and down the light fixture in the entry way of my house. Dammit! I start by placing a bucket under the light fixture, and then mop up the water that's already on the floor. The next step is I panic a little bit, and then call the Condominium Corporation Emergency weekend line. They tell me to wait at home until someone gets back to me, but if no does in the next 20 minutes, I should call them back. That's what I end up doing. On the second call, they tell me that someone will come out to look at the problem, but it could take a while... There's a lot of calls going through to them this evening, and it's the weekend and all... Meanwhile, the bucket that I've placed under the fixture is filling with water, and I'm just hoping the ceiling itself doesn't start dripping.

The fellow arrives from the Condo Corporation as I'm in the process of making supper; he's a contractor hired by the Condo Corp to check things out when shite like this happens. He says he'll examine what's going on outside, and check around a bit, and then get back to me. He gets back to me about 15 minutes later, and tells me that the problem is that the flashing on one of the eaves above my house wasn't sealed properly, and that the water has entered through there and followed the sloping eave and the result is what it is. The only way to fix it will be to re-seal the eaves after re-tiling the whole section, and tear out the ceiling where my light fixture is to check for other water damage. But in the meantime, he'll got to Home Depot after stopping for another call, and then get a tarp and hopefully seal it off for now so that the water can't keep coming in. "Oh, and keep the buckets where they are, you know." As if I'm going to move them, other than to drain them. The rain, fortunately, stops for a while. He said that he would file the report first thing Monday morning, and then hopefully the Condo Corp will take care of this...mess.

Suffice to say it only rained a few times overnight, and the tarp that he put up in the area of the eaves must have done the job adequately for now, as there wasn't too much water in the bucket when I woke up this morning. Here's a picture of the area in the front hallway this morning.

Suffice it to say, I was pretty stressed last night, and this did not help my evening. Needless to say, my sleep suffered.

The weird part of this is twofold. First of all, yesterday was the 13th of August. Not a Friday, but still. Do bad things happen on the 13th regardless?

Secondly, I was just finishing up reading the Polaris 3rd Edition Corebook 1 yesterday, and was working through the section on the Polaris Effect section (about the psionic abilities) when it all started in the entry hall. It's all Polaris Effect related, I'm sure of it. (And I've got to retain a sense of humour about this, or something bad will happen.)

Now, just a matter of waiting to see what happens with this, and how the Condo Corporation handles it.

But overall, well... just not a good evening at all.
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