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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Primeval RPG Session 29

Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday afternoon gaming group continued on with their Primeval RPG game campaign. Here's the game session report. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to. (And yes, this session report has photos!! :) All photos here were taken by spross.)


Dr. Timothy Carson (SteveR) - Geologist
Gwendolyn Thorpe (Tammy) - Tour Guide
Dr. Jennifer Dorchester (GM/NPC) - Palaeontologist
Alexander Valentine (GM/NPC) - Media Specialist

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

While Gwendolyn Thorpe reads the newspaper clipping, Timothy Carson tells the others what he learned from the Liverpool Daily Post. Alexander Valentine says that it's interesting about Margaret Carwoode, as that's Maggie Hanrahan's maiden name. Alexander tells the others that Maggie Hanrahan, Father Flanagan, and Constable Harris's father all served with Project Whitelight, a World War II British intelligence project that investigated "Shards" back in 1942. Whitelight had an outpost in Cheatham, and there were five Anomalies in the area; he shows them the copy of the map that he got from Maggie [he spent a Story Point to do so]. Using his mobile phone and another print-out that Maggie did for him, he overlays the map of modern day Cheatham on it, and two Anomalies come up [locations A3 and A4 on the map below].

Dr. Jennifer Dorchester talks about the habitat of the Eryops, and Gwen places the latest location of the sighting on the map. Alexander adds the location where Mark Levy's body was found. The characters talk about the locations of the Anomalies, and where the creatures may be found, and Alexander tries to convince the characters to check out Cheatham Mere for the Anomaly that may or may not be found there. Gwen is resistant to this idea due to her lack of SCUBA experience. Jennifer has an insight [she spends 2 Story Points]; she has Alexander overlay the locations of the Roman ruins on the map. The group discovers that the Roman limes and the Anomalies correspond for the most part. Timothy muses over this somewhat, but draws no conclusions. Jennifer says that the Eryops may be guarding something in the lime ruins, or are territorial about them at this point.

The group wonders about Whitelight's involvement in the matter. They decide that perhaps they should talk to Old Man Hunter, and after Alexander muses on whether there's a connection to Daniel Hunter (whom the characters have met in several previous adventures), he tells them that Hunter's son told him that his dad's been gone for two days; the son said this is a regular thing, as he goes foraging and hunting and sells some of his catches in the town and at the pub. When Gwen asks Alexander what the police have to say about the investigation, he tells them that they now answer to a "higher authority". When the group ask about who wrote the original story on Mark Levy's death, Alexander says that it was a Rowena Thomas; he says that Robert Horvath told him [he spends 1 Story Point]. Alexander points out that after Timothy's "revelations" to Horvath, the reporter could be a problem in future in terms of the world learning about the presence of creatures and dinosaurs out of earth's past in the modern day. "What about me?" asks Caroline, and Gwen says that she hasn't had Denby kill her yet. Caroline is not amused, but she takes it lightly. The characters decide at that point that they've put off breakfast long enough, as Caroline reminds Gwen of their "breakfast date".

Over breakfast, the characters discuss involving Abigail [McGregor] even more. They talk about the Roman limes and the Anomalies, but are interrupted by the distraction of the arrival of Sergeant Denby - in a somewhat damp wetsuit! The pub goes quiet for a moment, but as Denby approaches the characters (Gwen ogling him all the way), conversation resumes. Denby tells them that the Anomaly in the Mere is active. They (he, Wilcox, and Grange) found several skeletons down at the bottom, and he wants someone to descend into the water and determine what happened to them. He says that it was Alexander's idea to go down there (the PR man shrugs), and adds that Wilcox and Grange are fine, but the latter was somewhat shaken up by finding the skeleton remains down there. Jennifer can't make the descent with her recent injuries, and Alexander says that Gwen will have to go down (she's the best qualified). Denby adds that there are Roman limes down there as well, so Timothy says that he'll make the descent with Gwen. Abigail arrives to receive Denby's thanks, and she tells him that he can't make another descent again as there was a problem with his air mix due to the depth; Denby says that's fine, as [Stefanie] Grange will accompany them down.

Abigail and her assistant, Howard [Jenkins] take the player characters, Jennifer, Alexander, Denby, and Grange out to the location in relatively large tour boats. Grange enters the water first, armed with a hunting knife and a speargun [damage 3/6/9, but limited range], and is followed in by the nervous Gwen and Timothy. Gwen has trouble getting used to speaking through the diving mask apparatus and suffers some drowning damage [temporarily; she takes 2 points of damage, one to Coordination and one to Resolve]. While Grange stays at the 50-metre mark of the diving line, Gwen and Timothy look around. They see the skeletal remains some 70 metres down (20 metres below the guide rope), and off to the left, a large set of Roman lime ruins and an Anomaly hanging some 50 metres below the surface. Some sort of animal rapidly swims past them below them, and Gwen is able to make out an elongate creature some 3 metres long, with a crocodilian head; she guesses that it's likely an adolescent; the creature goes through the Anomaly, and there's a flash of light.

Gwen considers going through the Anomaly to check out what's on the other side. She is discouraged from doing so by Abigail, Timothy, and Denby, but it is Jennifer who makes the telling argument of the potential significant difference in pressure on the other side. She decides to get on with the task at hand, which Denby reminds her of. She knows that she could be attacked if she tries to approach the ruins, but gambles that checking out the skeletons below her is a safer route. She descends down to the body remains.

Timothy decides to head for the Roman lime ruins. As he starts to make his way closer to them, he is rammed from behind as Gwen shouts a warning to him (but too late, he suffers 2 points of damage), and is driven some 10 metres past the guide rope away from the ruins, the skeletal remains, and the Anomaly.

Seeing what has rammed Timothy (one of the Eryops), Gwen stays safely at the bottom near the skeletal remains. She takes out the underwater camera that she brought with her [spends 1 Story Point], and takes pictures and film. She focuses on a patch that seems to be left from a piece of clothing and a piece of skeleton with notches on it that reminds her of something she can't identify. She pans up to see one of the creatures, a larger one, circling the area she occupies. Putting away the camera, she gathers up the piece of the skeleton and the patch, bags them in the samples net, and prepares to head for the surface...only to see five (!!) of the creatures now circling the area.

Timothy starts to regain his bearings, and turns back towards the Anomaly and the ruins...only to see one of the creatures approaching him rapidly, maw opened wide...

Sunday afternoon's session of the Primeval RPG was a fun one, that had a little bit of everything in it for the players. From some information gained, to some decent roleplaying, to the underwater sequence that ended on a cliffhanger, this game session was pretty good. The players seemed to enjoy themselves with the game, though Tammy got a bit frustrated in a couple of situations and spross was somewhat hesitant at times. That said, the game session saw some significant plot development, even if the players didn't see that part of it.

Overall, a fun gaming session of the Primeval RPG on Sunday, and I'm looking forward to the next session of the game campaign.
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