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The Sun Finally Winks Out

One of my favourite rpgs over the past ten or so years has been Pelgrane Press's Dying Earth RPG, based on the work of Jack Vance. The roleplaying game was one of the most innovative games on the market, designed by robin_d_laws (who has gone on to design all sorts of other rpgs, and whose work I continue to admire), and is one of the games that I loved to run and just read material about.

Sadly, the sun will finally dim and wink out on the Dying Earth RPG line of products. Pelgrane Press’s license to produce the Dying Earth RPG has expired. The company has six months to sell off existing product, and after that one will only be able to find the products for the game in the secondary market. However, until the time when the sun finally goes out on this old Earth, you can still fill out your collection (or buy the game line for the first time) at the Pelgrane on-line shoppe.

Having worked with Simon Rogers, Sasha Bilton, Jim Webster, and the folks at Pelgrane Press on a few of the products for the game, and the Excellent Prismatic Spray magazine, I want to say that it has been an honour and a privilege to have been involved with some of the stuff for the game. The end of the game line for the Dying Earth RPG is a sad day indeed, and words cannot express how I feel about the twilight of this roleplaying experience.

I want to thank Robin, and the folks at Pelgrane Press (particularly Simon and Jim), for their time and effort into putting together the game based on Jack Vance's work, and for their dedication to keeping the quality of the DE RPG products so high. I plan to run a game of Dying Earth some time in March (when the license expires) as a memorial to the game's success and it's joie de vivre that were so at odds at times with the world that Jack Vance created.

Why run that game in March? Because the sun *will* go out at that time, and it's only fitting to do so.
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