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RPGaDay in August - August 17th: Fictional Character in Your Group

We continue on with RPGaDay in August, this year hosted by BrigadeCon.


Day 17 - What fictional character would best fit in your group?

And here I thought yesterday's question about a historical figure at the gaming table was tough! Truth be told, I don't think I actually have a fictional character in mind that I'd want to game with at the table. That said, because I'm gearing up for the Polaris RPG these days and am quite psyched to run the game, I'd love to see either Captain Nemo (of the Nautilus fame) or perhaps Admiral Harriman Nelson1 at the gaming table. Playing Polaris, of course.

1 And if you can guess where this character comes from, I'll give you bonus points. See the comments at some point for the correct answer (unless someone guesses first).
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