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Getting Ready for Friday Night (Board) Gaming

Finished up the Polaris RPG character about 5:32 pm, so it took me just over 2 hours and a bit to get the character done. Not an easy process, but never is the first time out.

Have taken a bit of a nap, since I've got some terrible pain in my left rear near the hip, and I hoped it would make me feel a bit better. Somewhat, but not much.

Gaming with the Friday gaming group is still on for tonight. I don't have to get anything ready for roleplaying, since we're still board gaming until I'm ready to start creating the Friday night group's Polaris RPG characters with them. No idea what we're playing tonight, so we'll see.

In the meantime, I need to dash upstairs and make some supper for tonight. Got some options for tonight's food, so we'll see when I get upstairs. :)
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