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RPGaDay in August - August 22nd: Random Events

We continue on with RPGaDay in August, this year hosted by BrigadeCon.


Day 22 - Supposed random game event that keeps occurring?

Hmm... Even after reading the definition of this one over on the BrigadeCon site, I don't have a good answer to this one. I can't really think of any random events that occur at my gaming table (other than the dice rolls themselves, which are a randomiser, right?). I do enjoy the use of random encounter tables and the like to get inspiration, and back in the day, was known to randomly roll on one of these charts to get some energy going at the table and relieve a boring trip from point A to point B. Random encounter or other tables also tend to be a useful tool when you have a mental block (and what GM hasn't suffered from that from time to time?).

Does that answer the question? I hope it does.
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