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Wednesday Night Game Report - Primeval RPG Session 11

Last night, the Wednesday night players continued their campaign of the Primeval RPG. It was a fun session, and quite entertaining. Here are the game session notes for Wednesday night. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I’ve put it behind a cut so that folks who don’t want to read any detailed rpg posts don’t have to.


Dr. Paula Richardson (Donna) - Palaeontologist
Sgt. Charles Kinson (DavidW) - Former Soldier
Joanne ("Jonie") Williams (Kendall) - Reporter
Helena Robertson (Crystal) - Computer Geek

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Dr. Paula Richardson sets off with Sergeant Charles Kinson and the five Project Tempus soldiers into the woods, in search of the Coelophysis. Charles asks her if she can use a pistol, and Paula says she can but that she'll leave the violence up to Kinson and his men. He acquiesces, and the group head off into the forest terrain. Charles manages to pick up the trail of the creatures, and leads them into the woods, though Paula points out that it's getting on to late afternoon. They don't want to be out too late into the evening.

Some twenty minutes later, Charles calls a halt, and says that they should take a break. While they rest, Paula looks around and draws his attention to a twinkling, shining light in the distance in the woods. "Looks like we've found the Shard," she tells him. When she suggests they go in that direction, Charles agrees as he points out the creature tracks seem to head in that direction. He sends two of the men, Harper and Rice, to scout ahead in that direction, reporting every ten minutes, as he and Paula prepare to move out again with the other three soldiers. Paula says she hopes that Helena and Joanne are all right, and Charles assures her that they'll be fine. He tells her she needs to concentrate on what they're doing.

After another half hour's walk, moving cautiously and keeping an eye out for the creatures, the player characters arrive at the Shard. Charles sees that there are plenty of animal tracks around the Shard site, but he tells Paula that they don't seem to have spread out that much, that they've focused their attention in certain directions. Paula says that's not typical behaviour for such creatures. She explains to him that they would scout out the area ahead of time; that means something made them all go in the same direction, and they need to find out what. Harper and Rice report in on schedule, and inform Kinson that they've found the creatures - a herd of some 30 of them. Charles is taken aback at this somewhat, and tells his men to get back to the Shard as quickly as possible. Paula tells Charles that she thinks she knows of a means to get the creatures back to the Shard if possible, but it will involve some coordinated efforts [she gains 2 Story Points]. Charles says he's listening...

Once Harper and Rice return to join them, and all the characters understand the plan, Charles puts it into action, getting Harper and Rice to return to the Shard with the remaining SUV. Charles and Paula remain at the Shard, while the other three soldiers make their way in the direction of the herd. Once Harper and Rice return, Charles is ready to put Paula's plan into action, though he has doubts that she can carry out her end of it. She snidely remarks that she's up to the challenge, and will hold up to her end of the arrangements. Paula gets into the SUV, and guns the vehicle, heading for where the herd of Coelophysis are located.

With a modicum of stealth and subterfuge involved [and a couple of Story Points each], the herd of Coelophysis too occupied with their own endeavours, the various characters manage to approach them without being detected. On Charles's signal, Paula guns the SUV and races straight for the creatures, and manages to scatter them - right in the direction of Charles and the five soldiers, who have taken up strategic positions. With some manoeuvering of the SUV and some risky driving stunts [spending 5 Story Points], Paula is able to keep the creatures heading towards the Anomaly with the aid of Charles and the other soldiers.

The rest of the "corralling" of the Coelophysis is a blur and nightmare of logistics, some risky business taken by Charles and the soldiers, and Paula's mad driving of the SUV. As the various characters approach the Shard, it is Paula who alerts Charles and the soldiers that the Shard is pulsing. They realise that it is about to close, and must corral the creatures even faster. In a frenetic cat-and-mouse chase, the player characters and the soldiers coerce and guide the creatures towards the Shard, the whole time Paula fearing that the Shard will close before they get the last of the Coelophysis through. It is with a sense of relief that Charles signals to Paula that the last of the creatures have gone through the Shard, even as there is a "whumpf!"-ing sound as the Shard seems to collapse in on itself, and is gone. Racing to the spot where the Shard was last seen, Paula pulls the SUV to a stop and Charles gives her an uncharacteristic hug as she gets out of the vehicle.

Two days later, Paula and Charles pay a visit to the Ottawa Hospital at the Civic Campus, where Joanne "Jonie" Williams and Helena Robertson are resting comfortably in their rooms. The two women are partially recovered from their serious wounds, and are glad to see that Charles and Paula are safe and sound. Joanne says that everything has worked out fine, with little Agnes in the hands of her aunt, while the police investigate the matter. Project Tempus obviously has some influence as both Joanne and Helena are in the clear, but Charles tells them that his superiors aren't pleased at the "greasing" they had to do in this matter. After assuring their privacy, Charles and Paula tell them of what happened out in the parkland, and how they managed to send the creatures back through the Shard.

With everyone relieved about matters, Helena asks the other three about what they plan to do with her, given her knowledge of what's happened and the presence of prehistoric animals and the Shards themselves. Charles tells her it's a funny thing that, but... [and the scene fades to black]

Wednesday night's game session of the Primeval RPG campaign was a rather enjoyable one, and went as well as could be expected. With both Kendall and Crystal unable to make it out for the game session until relatively late during the evening's game, it fell to DavidW and Donna to carry the load for the adventure (hence the fortuitous end of the previous session, with both Kendall and Crystal's characters seriously injured). Once the two players showed up around 9:35 pm or so, I was able to get them back into the action of the wrap-up of the adventure, and that sorted itself out nicely with the players themselves having a hand in the matter. The players were all pretty pleased at the outcome of the adventure, and the means by which I had brought Crystal's character, Helena, into the plot. It will definitely be interesting to see how the Wednesday night crew continues in this campaign, and how the personalities clash or don't clash.

Overall, a very good session of the Primeval RPG Wednesday night campaign, and a good end to the current scenario. Next week's game should be interesting, as the group switches over to the Polaris RPG game, and start in on character creation.
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