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Getting Ready for Polaris RPG on This Friday Night

And so it is almost time.

To quote from one of my favourite tv shows, Babylon 5, "And so it begins..."

That, and a good quote from the game that sums things up: "Humankind was born in the seas and is now coming back here to die" - Vulrick the Mad


This evening, I am starting the Polaris RPG campaign with the Friday night group. Tonight we'll be doing character creation (which I hope won't take too many weeks to complete). I'm both excited and nervous about the game tonight. Excited, because I'm starting the game system that I've been looking forward to running for some time. Nervous, because it's the start of a whole new rpg system for me, and I'm not as familiar with it as I will be after a bit more practice with it. Sure, I ran the game twice at CanGames 2016 this past year, but it's not the same as running a campaign of a game with one's gaming group.

Anyway, just looking forward to starting character creation tonight for the Polaris RPG.

In the meantime, I need to head upstairs and put something together for supper this evening. Probably going to involve some pasta of some sort.

Have a good night, folks.
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