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Tuesday Morning

Tuesday morning.

Back to work after the long Labour Day weekend. You'd think I'd be rested up somewhat, but I don't feel like I am. Have had trouble sleeping the last two nights because of acid reflux and then last night some bowel problems.

The office is rather quiet for this morning, but that's usual after the long weekend. Wednesday and Thursday will likely be very busy, so I'm looking forward to that somewhat. Keeps other things at the back of my mind, to be honest.

I'll be leaving the office slightly early today, as I've got a doctor's appointment with my regular physician. This is ostensibly to get the report on the x-ray about my right wrist and the possible problem there, but I'm not expecting bad news ::knock on wood::. It's a good thing I've got the appointment, as two of my prescriptions are currently fouled up, and I've finished both remaining meds from the previous prescriptions today.
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