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Election Results, Thoughts

And so another Canadian election comes to an end. Not really, of course, as the analysis of the election will go on now for weeks at least. So what came out of this election? Well, let's see...

The Conservatives have another *censored!* minority government.

Stephane Dion proved to be an inept Liberal leader.

The Bloc Quebecois found themselves in a good position.

Jack Layton's NDP needs to rethink it's marketing strategy even though they ended up with 8 seats more than they had last time.

The Green Party fell apart, and party leader Elizabeth May didn't win her riding because of the split vote. That's all right though, because she'll bounce right back.

So here we are with another minority Conservative government, exactly what we've had after the last two elections, and Harper seems to think he can run the country effectively this way. Hopefully, the next election will be in about two years, if we're lucky. *sigh*
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