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Wednesday Night Game Report - Polaris RPG Character Creation, Part Deux

I meant to post about this yesterday, but life and some health issues got in the way of that plan. Oh, well...better a day late than never, right?

On Wednesday night, the Wednesday gaming group met up to continue on with their Polaris RPG game campaign, more specifically the creation of their player characters for said game. You can read about the first session of character creation for the game in this blog entry. It also contains the details of what the player are playing as characters, too.


The Wednesday night gamers arrived just a little before 7:00 pm or so. We caught up on the week that was for about 5 minutes (it was an uneventful week!), and then settled down to gaming business and continuing on with character generation for the Polaris RPG. As already mentioned in the blog entry, the players had gotten to the point of starting in on their Professions, so that's where we started from.

The players had a relatively easy time going through the process of Professions, though Donna used a calculator for the math (after a tiring day at work), and the players breezed through that, though they had a little problem or two with the Professional Advantages and the like. Once we started in on the Gear section of character creation, the players told me that they didn't want me to go through the massses of gear the game contains (Donna apparently having read the blog entries on the other two groups), they just wanted the brass tacks. They kept their Gear simple, making a few notes on a few elements of it here and there, and then were content to take a 5-minute break.

The players put the finishing touches on their characters, though this took a bit longer than expected (as all four players wanted to flesh out their Contacts, Allies, and Suppliers to some extent), but character creation was a wrap around 10:15 pm or so.

Overall, the character generation mechanics for the Polaris RPG was one that I really enjoyed; I warmed up to it more and more with each of the three groups (though the Sunday characters aren't finished yet), and the players seem to have enjoyed it on Wednesday night. Crystal and DavidW commented that the method used was fun and interesting, though a bit mind boggling in places. All four players agreed they've got interesting characters and a good mix, and are looking forward to playing the game soon.

If anyone has any questions about the character creation process for the Polaris RPG, please don't hesitate to ask. :)
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