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Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday gaming group met up to continue on with their Polaris RPG game campaign, more specifically the creation of their player characters for said game. You can read about the second session of character creation for the game in this blog entry.


spross and Tammy arrived just before 1:00 pm, as per usual, and we exchanged some pleasantries and talked a bit about the week that was, and then returned to the process of character creation for the game. As already mentioned in the previous entry, the players had finished off actual point expenditures and the like, and proceeded on to their Gear. We had gotten through most of the gear and the like and merely needed to do the material on drones, armour (exo or otherwise), and Tammy's undersea vessel. After giving the players the armour they wanted for their characters (both players have a set of mundane armour, and Tammy's got an exo-alpha suit aboard her vessel, which is still nameless), spross got his translation drone, but I couldn't find the stats for the data storage drone that he wanted (so he postponed taking that one for now). With Gear taken care of, we moved on to the end of character generation, and then proceeded to the next step.

I proceeded to start in with the players on the "World Beneath the Waves" section, going over some of the relevant sections that the players were interested in. We got about 1/3 of the way through the material before we stopped for the night. I'm pretty pleased with the progress the players made this session, though since Tammy won't be gaming next week, we'll be taking the week off.

With the player characters created, the next session of the Polaris RPG campaign will be spent finishing off the material we're going through, and then proceeding to some rules and sample combat stuff. Might even get into the first little scenario that I've (not) got planned. :)


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Sep. 17th, 2016 03:01 am (UTC)

Have you tried to build a vehicle with the rules yet? I tried and unfortunately did not get very far but I could have overlooked something.

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