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Friday Morning Thoughts

It's Friday morning.

The week is almost over, thank goodness.

I've had a somewhat hard week, at least from the point of view of health, insofar as my feet are concerned. Work itself has been somewhat hectic, but Fridays always tend to be a bit tiring as I usually have (and do this morning) two meetings with the staff to discuss the plans and agenda for the next week.

Today, I'm a bit rougher around the edges and hurting like heck, as I had the regularly scheduled footcare appointment yesterday. My feet are always seriously hurting me for the next couple of days after footcare, just due to the handling that my tootsies receive. Regardless, I'm still at work, still functioning, and am getting ready for the two meetings this morning.

Speaking of which, back to it, with a nice cup of herbal tea.
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