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Friday Game Report - Polaris RPG Session 1

Last night, the Friday night gaming group launched the start of their Polaris RPG campaign. You can read about the characters the players created in this blog entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.



Olandria Cariolis (Kathy) – Diplomat
Hagga (Angela) - Technician
Argent (DavidM) - Smuggler
Hannah Shavewater (Ellie) - Survivor, Polaris Effect User
Efron (Mark) - Mercenary

March 11th, 567

The players begin with an introduction to the world of the Polaris Roleplaying Game, learn some of the basic mechanics of the game, proceed through a small fraction of the Polarisverse RPG Glossary, and then take part in several samples of combat that teach them the basic mechanics of the game. And how very lethal the combat system and the underwater world are.

The place: The world of the POLARIS RPG, specifically Equinox, the huge octahedronal city in the Rockhall Threshold. The time: early spring (if such a thing can be said to exist) of the year 567. The player characters are Olandria Cariolis (Kathy), Hagga (Angela), Argent (DavidM), Hannah Shavewater (Ellie), and Efron (Mark). Humans have lived underwater since the Apocalypse, and mankind has adapted to the oceans. It is a dangerous, unforgiving environment, but full of opportunities and excitement for our cast of characters...

Olandria finds herself sitting at a small booth in the Coral Bar (on Level 5), wondering how she got into this position. Her attention is diverted by Glessial, the bar owner, who is watching her furtively. He turns to someone that he has been talking to, and gestures at Olandria. She watches as a tall, dark-haired man, obviously a mercenary, comes towards her table.

On Level 15 of Equinox, in one of the administrative offices of the Cult of the Trident, Hannah Shavewater meets with her mentor, Alaina, to discuss the next step in her development. Alaina tells the young woman that the time has come for her to leave Equinox, and take a short pilgrimmage. "To where?" Hannah asks, but the reply is, "Wherever the currents take you.". Hannah expresses her interest in going to visit the Mediterranean Union, and Alaina is not all that surprised. After leaving the administrative office, Hannah sends a message to Argent; if he's still on station, would he please meet her. Moments later, she receives a message saying that he'll see her in about an hour in The Tomb [on Level 5]. Hannah is a bit anxious, as The Tomb is frequented by raiders, adventurers, smugglers, and the like, but she's not surprised; Argent is a smuggler.

After responding to Hannah's message, Argent gets back to the loading of his small Explorer class vessel, the Mary Nought, with supplies. He questions the orders of one of the loading drones, but discovers the cargo manifest is correct, a metric ton of foodstuffs bound for the Mediterranean Union and several of its smaller (read: newer) communities. He notices [on a Business/Trafficking roll] that the illegal merchandise he's carrying, some questionable medicines, are also included on the manifest, and notes to himself to make sure that he has his comp specialist contact, Aristo, delete the reference before the Mary Nought leaves dock. Having finished his work, he heads out to meet Hannah at The Tomb.

Hagga makes her way from her workshop [on Level -6], and heads via one of the walkways for one of the public showers that are currently catering to women. As she descends a walkway near the showers, she hears a skittering sound [barely, as she almost failed her Observation roll]. She barely gets her knife out before a shadowy figure attacks her, and the two engage in a deadly dance of knife wielding strikes, before Hagga lands a significant blow, and her opponent drops at her feet. She is shocked to find that it's Matia, one of her "friend" Koleppa's young ones; Hagga treats her injuries as best she can, and when Matia wakes with horror in her eyes, she tells the technician that there's a 500 Sols bounty out on her, issued by Olegao. Hagga laughs, not all that surprised, and tells Matia to go on her way; she spared her, so Matia owes her "blood right". Making her way to the showers, Hagga washes off the blood and cleans herself up.

The tall, dark-haired man comes over to Olandria, and introduces himself: Efron, a mercenary originally from the Red League, who's been hired by parties unknown to protect the diplomat when she leaves Equinox. She asks why she would ever leave Equinox, other than to return to the Coral Republic, but Efron says she knows why: she stole something she shouldn't have, and now that other party wants it back - even if it costs her life. "I didn't steal it," says Olandria, with some pique, "I found it." Efron points out the owner of said merchandise wants it back, and he's quite a bad man. Olandria says that perhaps leaving Equinox would be a good idea, but doesn't have a destination in mind. The Republic is out, as she'd not be welcome there at the moment. Efron says they have time to decide where to go, but in the meantime, he says that he'll be staying by her side for awhile. Regarding him up and down for a moment, Olandria smiles and says, "Fine by me," with a somewhat predatory look on her face.

The first session of the Friday night Polaris RPG campaign went swimmingly (pun intended!) as the players started the actual play after we had done some sample combats. The players all had a terrific time, especially Angela, whose character, the technician Hagga, got to experience the first combat among the group, and they saw how quickly it can be gamed. All of the players liked the situations I gave them to play with, and are intrigued to see where the various plots go and how I'm going to bring them together.

Overall a good night of Polaris RPG gaming. I'm looking forward to continue running the game and getting used to the game mechanics and some of the quirks of the game.
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