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Wednesday Night Game Report - Polaris RPG Session 1

Last night, the Wednesday night gaming group launched the start of their Polaris RPG campaign. You can read about the characters the players created in this blog entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.



Captain Stefania Marigold Kormer (Donna) - Officer/Navigator
Kevin Howagan (DavidW) - Mercenary
Hayma Locke (Kendall) - Submariner
Arissa the Black (Crystal) - Pirate, Smuggler

March 4th, 567

The players begin the game session with an introduction to the world of the Polaris Roleplaying Game, learn some of the basic mechanics of the game, proceed through a small fraction of the Polarisverse RPG Glossary, and then take part in several samples of combat that teach them the basic mechanics of the game. And how very lethal the combat system and the underwater world are.

The place: The world of the POLARIS RPG, specifically Equinox, the huge octahedronal city in the Rockhall Threshold. The time: early spring (if such a thing can be said to exist) of the year 567. The player characters are Captain Stefania Marigold Kormer (Donna), Kevin Howagan (DavidW), Hayma Locke (Kendall), and Arissa the Black (Crystal). Humans have lived underwater since the Apocalypse, and mankind has adapted to the oceans. It is a dangerous, unforgiving environment, full of opportunities and excitement for our cast of characters - as well a hotbed of human emotions and plot entanglements...

Captain Stefania Marigold Kormer finds herself on Equinox somewhat out of joint mentally and definitely with no real clue how to proceed. Her last lead into what happened to her ship, the Ariston, has gone up in smoke, and she's got no idea of how to proceed next. Her wanderings have brought her to the Gorgon bar on Level 6. She sits down and orders a drink, and mulls over her options. As she ponders, a messenger drone arrives at the table and inquires if she is Captain Stefania Marigold Kormer, late of the Mediterranean Union. When she says she is, the drone tells her it has a message for her. Confirming her IDent, the message plays: it is a cryptic message of a face hidden in shadow, the female voice asking her to join it for a meeting at 1730 hours in the Conger, a notorious watering hole on Level -3. Without waiting for a reply, the drone moves off to other assignments.

Exiled mercenary Kevin Howagan arrives on Equinox, and is given a bit more of a grilling by station security than he expected. Finally making his way onto the station, the somewhat bewildered fellow makes his way to the Urchin, one of the best bars in the city on Level -5. He asks some discrete questions about a few matters after ordering some food and drink, and draws the attention of Chiana, a light-skinned young woman with incredible agility. Declaring herself to be a personal entertainer, she flirts with Kevin somewhat, but then tells him that she's his contact. When he inquires about what, Chiana says that he's asked a few questions about the presence of a certain ex-Captain of the Med U Navy on the station. She tells him that she's on Equinox. They negotiate over a fair price, all the time Kevin being oblivious to the fact that they are being watched by a couple of shifty types.

Arissa the Black, having been on Equinox for a couple of weeks, is at a loss of what to do. As she did for most of her early life, she finds herself directionless and missing her son, Karemis. She's still somewhat uncomfortable with the stares that some of the Equinox inhabitants give her, and for that reason has made her way to the bar that many pirates on the city frequent, the Conger, on Level -3. She engages in conversation with several of her fellow pirates, and learns some of the current scuttlebutt on Equinox, but there's nothing that strikes her as interesting. Looking around, Arissa sees a woman that she thinks is familiar from somewhere, but can't recall from where...though she knows it will come to her. She decides to head out, and go back to her small quarters in the city, as she needs a bit of rest. As she leaves the bar, she doesn't realise that she's being followed by some rather unsavoury types who seem to have been waiting for her outside the Conger.

Submariner Hayma Locke receives confirmation that her message to Captain Stefania Marigold Kormer has been received, and she goes about her business at one of the vendors in the marketplace on Level 6. She then proceeds to one of the public showers and bathrooms on the level, and washes off the accumulated dirt and sweat of the last couple of days in preparation for her meeting with Stefania. Arriving at the Conger, she waits for Stefania's arrival, nursing a strong drink (as she figures she'll need to be somewhat numb when she meets the former captain of the Ariston).

Stefania enters the Conger, somewhat warily if truth be told. It's odd for a Med U captain (even a former one) to enter a den of pirates, and all her senses are on the alert. Hearing her name called, Stefania looks in that direction and is shocked to see a ghost from the past - Hayma Locke, her "friend" and former shipmate aboard the Ariston, whom she had presumed dead! She goes up to the table where Hayma is sitting, and the two women have a strained reunion. Hayma tells her she was the one who sent the message, requesting this meeting. Some old, bad feelings for each other rise, but Hayma tells her that she's there to find out what happened to the Ariston. She asks if Stefania remembers Herrick Caruso, to which she is told, "Of course I remember him! He's why you and I came to blows that fateful day!" But, Stefania, adds, Herrick was killed, drowned with the others when the Ariston was destroyed. Not so, Hayma tells her, as she's heard that Herrick is on Equinox. She also adds that she knew that Stefania was here as well, but that she wasn't sure that she'd want to see her [Hayma]. Hayma needs her help.

Wednesday night's game session of the Polaris RPG campaign was a fun, enjoyable evening of gaming once the players got into the campaign itself, and I rather enjoyed myself very much. The opening session was more designed to introduce the players and their characters to the game world, specifically to Equinox, and I thought that things went rather well. Several of the sub-plots of the characters are starting to play out, and there's the grand mystery of what happened to the Ariston that will be dealt with as part of other matters as the game goes forward. Donna summed last night's session up best: "There's going to be some conflict between the player characters before this one's done." Understatement.

Overall, the first session of the Wednesday night Polaris RPG campaign went really well, and I'm looking forward to continuing on with this, and seeing how it plays out.
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