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Friday Game Report - Polaris RPG Session 2

Last night, the Friday night gaming group continued with their newly launched Polaris RPG campaign. This blog records the game session, and provides readers with an idea of what happened in the game session. You can read about the previous game session in this blog entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.



Olandria Cariolis (Kathy) – Diplomat
Hagga (Angela) - Technician
Argent (DavidM) - Smuggler
Hannah Shavewater (Ellie) - Survivor, Polaris Effect User
Efron (Mark) - Mercenary

March 11th, 567

Olandria Cariolis inquires of Efron whether he wants to accompany her back to her quarters, and he says that he's willing but she tells him not to get any ideas. As they exit the Coral Bar and head for the central elevator shaft, Olandria asks again who his patron is, but Efron can't tell her as he doesn't know. As they come in sight of the elevator shaft, Efron tells her that they're being followed. Olandria comments that she'd noticed, so they're not being too subtle about it. As they wait at the elevator area, their followers don't approach any closer. They board the elevator with a large crowd, and one of their followers shakes his hand in a "bye, bye" gesture. Efron has a bad feeling about this.

Hannah Shavewater makes her way into The Tomb. The crowd goes quiet for a moment, summing up the newcomer, but when Argent gestures her over, and a comely man comes to take their drink orders, business picks up as usual. Hannah inquires of Argent what he's learned about the matter she asked him to look into, but he insists on making small talk first, having a few drinks, and then coming on to some of the female patrons (without any real success). After a bit of coaxing from Hannah, Argent finally decides to get down to business. He tells her that his initial inquiries haven't gone as well as he'd like, but he's waiting on one of his contacts. He tells her that most of the folks that he's spoken to who would know about it say that there's no station and never was called Myrtis. Before Hannah can protest this, Argent says he's aware of that, and that he's got a few other hooks in the ocean. He's hoping to know more in the next week. He says that in the meantime, the two of them can have some fun, but she says that she's not interested in any "fun" with him. Hannah gets up and prepares to head out of The Tomb, but before she turns, a grimy hand holds her firmly by the wrist.

At the area of the showers on Level -6, Hagga makes herself presentable again, and realises that she has to take Olegao's threat more seriously. She considers the possibility of some combat training, but recognising that her funds are a bit low, instantly vetos that idea. Using her personal portable computer, she accesses the Equinox information grid, and checks to see if there are any jobs that she might be up for. There are a couple of promising leads, but one of them is on Ferlo, some 5,000 kilometres from Equinox; it's a peaceful community devoted to hydroculture and livestock farming, frequented by dolphins (according to her computer's database and what she knows of it). The perfect place to get away from Olegao's threats...if she can find a way to get there.

The elevator deposits Olandria and Efron on Level 8, and she thanks him for taking the time to escort her home. He tells her he's not her escort, he's her bodyguard. It's his duty to her now, and he's not going to let his client down. As they near her quarters, and she tells him his services are no longer required, Efron flips down his sensor goggles, and sees the telltale of a sensor beam sweeping across the hallway - but not from the Security systems to be found on the level, but by two attached devices to the wall near her quarters. He shouts a warning to her as she steps through the red line, and tackles her hard, throwing her to the ground, as the micro-dot grenade goes off [inflicting 15 points of damage in the immediate zone of effect]. Fortunately, Efron's kevlar suit provides them both some protection [Efron takes 10 points (a Moderate Wound) to his Body, and Olandria take 5 points (a Light Wound to her Right Arm], and the two shakily rise to their feet, as two Patrol Drones come towards them, eye cams activated.

Hannah reacts violently to the arm on her wrist, and attempts to jerk away. The newcomer, a rough-and-tumble type and obviously a smuggler, lets her go now that he has her attention, and greets Argent. Argent tells her that this is one of his "friends", Malcolm Occam, and that he's got some friends that might be able to help her. Malcolm sizes her up, but then realises that she's a wielder of the Polaris Flux (because of her inhibitor), and defers to Argent, apologising in an uninhibited, almost leering manner. Argent tells him to mind his manners. They order another round of drinks, as Hannah sits down at the table again, and Malcolm says that he brought the information Argent purchased from him, as per their deal. He tells them that there are no abandoned or destroyed stations called Myrtis in the Mediterranean Union, but there was something called "Myrtis" that a contact of his in the Med U Navy (whom he won't identify for obvious reasons) told him was a "hush-hush" matter. He hasn't been able to learn what this "Myrtis" is or was, but their best bet would be to travel to the Med U to find out. He whispers to Argent the name of the person they need to contact. Before he can tell them more, they are interrupted by the arrival of a group of Watchers, who scan the room and march over to them.

Hagga decides to take a quick trip to Level 0, where Hermes has an office. She arrives and is able to learn that Dolphin, a small transport company from the Med U leases out a small office here. Hagga learns they do indeed run a transport and passenger vessel from Equinox to Ferlo, the next one due to depart in five days, at a cost of 2,500 Sols for the trip (a relatively reasonable price, Hagga believes). She decides to book a ticket for average passenger travel aboard the transport, the Mary Sue. Hagga heads for a friendly repair shop on Level -1, Lipus Repair Service, in the hopes of finding a job for the next four days. As she moves off through the city station, she gets the sense that she's being followed, but can't make out anyone doing so in the crowds.

Friday night's game session of the Polaris RPG was a highly enjoyable one for me, and judging by the reaction of the players, they had a pretty good time of it as well. This game session had a bit of everything in it, and this was good as the players pointed out that the evening was anything but dull, despite the lack of "combat" in this session. There was a good deal of roleplaying on the part of the players, and some really nice, and somewhat slick, interaction between players/players and players/NPCs.

Overall, a good session of the Polaris RPG campaign for the Friday nighters, and a session that has sooooo much that will come of it in future sessions. Now if I could just get the player characters together as a whole, but you know what they say about leading player characters to water... :)
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