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Friday Morning Musings

It's Friday morning.

The start of the weekend is nigh upon us. (Oh, dear, I'm waxing poetic!) Work today promises to be mish-mash of helping out with some of the translation problems that have occurred on the current job I'm working on, as well as meetings to set the agenda and schedule for next week. Which promises to be not easy.

The weekend will be a long one for me, as I'm having a medical procedure done on Sunday morning at 8:15 am. I'm not going to discuss what's happening, but I may not be around on the 'net for a few days afterwards, and everything will depend on my recovery time and the old body's ability to bounce back.

We'll see how that goes, and in the meantime, there's work for the rest of the day and gaming this evening with the Friday night group. One step at a time.

Back to the work stuff for now.
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