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Of Work and RPGs

The work week has gotten off to a terrible (that is to say, very busy) start. Today has just been one of those days where work was non-stop, and even the morning felt completely rushed.

In the meantime, I haven't really talked about the roleplaying stuff that's been going on of late. The Friday night gaming group continues to play Desolation, but their hearts are not in the game. While they all like the game mechanics, they have told me that they would prefer to play Hollow Earth Expedition for this system, and do The Dying Earth rpg as their fantasy rpg.

In the meantime, the Sunday gaming group is coming along. oni_neko is fitting into the gaming group nicely, but the group is struggling with the Desolation game and system as well.

Anyone, no more time to chat this morning. Back to the grind.
Tags: desolation rpg, hollow earth expedition, personal, rpg chat, the dying earth, work

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