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Sunday Morning Musings, No Thanksgiving Sunday Gaming

Feeling somewhat better this morning.

I didn't sleep particularly well, waking up a couple of times for reasons that escape me now. Felt somewhat rested, albeit having a bit of a headache.

I managed to luxuriate for about half an hour just lying in the bed and not really feeling much of anything was hurting or bothering me. That all changed when I got out of bed, of course, but I've come to expect the pain to start when I get up and start to walk around.

This being the long, Thanksgiving weekend, Sunday gaming is off for today. While I regret not gaming today (or this past week, for that matter), I'm really not well still and my head is somewhat stuffed up and blocked, preventing a good deal of cognitive function. Not conducive to running a game that is somewhat mathematically intense (at least at this point for me, given I'm still learning how to run the game system). So no Polaris RPG for today.

I'm going to spend the day relaxing, trying to give my body as much rest as possible, and having hot beverages to help with my throat, head, and chest congestion. If spross comes over this afternoon, I might set up a game on the table of Dominant Species to get some more experience with how some of the tactics work out. We'll see.

For now, I want to have some hot tea.
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