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Some Dominant Species on a Sunday

I spent a somewhat relaxing day yesterday.

spross came over during the afternoon, and we played a bit of a "test" of the Dominant Species board game. I say "test" in this case, as a two-player game of Dominant Species is possible, but it can be a rather tedious affair at times due to the nature of being a game meant for five or six being played by two players. That said, it was also an opportunity for me to delve into the tactical aspects of the game, and try and see how certain things would work. It's not like I've not played Dominant Species before, but every time I play the game, I often feel like I've no idea what I'm doing and no idea what kind of strategy (if any) I'm trying to employ in the game.

I took on the role of the Amphibians (playing Red) and SteveR took on the role of the Birds (playing Black). Here's how the board started out. (SteveR took all the photos.)

The game went pretty well, and I seemed to be doing better than SteveR for a good chunk of time, but things eventually caught up with me, and he started taking over.

And this is how the final board shaped up after five (iirc) Turns. SteveR beat me, Victory Points wise, by a score of 71 to 65.

Overall, a fun afternoon (if a bit tiring for me), and I got to see some strategy for the game and play around with a few things.
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