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Yesterday afternoon, I spent a rather pleasant session of gaming with the Sunday gaming group.

Since I wasn't feeling up to running a roleplaying game, it was decided that we would play some board games, although I had specific plans. hehe


Once the Sunday gaming group showed up, Tammy, spross and I decided that we'd take the new game that I received, The Great Dinosaur Rush from APE Games, for a play. It was a good decision, and a fun afternoon of gaming. We set up the board game on the table, and got ready to play as I explained the basic rules of the game to the players.

I'm not going to go into the rules here - you can read about them over on the APE Games website - but they're quite simple, though the most complex (and fun!) part of the game is dinosaur building to mark the close of each game Turn. Suffice it to say that we played a couple of games, and had loads of fun. Here's some photos that I took during the course of the games. (Sorry for the occasional blurry photo here.)

A humanoid dinosaur, sort of. Or maybe an alien:

One of SteveR's mistakes early in the first game. An attempt at Monosaurus. He forgot that each dinosaur built had to have two limbs (the red bones):

My first dinosaur build of the game. Rather nice, but a bit wonky in the limbs area:

Here's the game board near the end of the first Game Turn. Lots of dinosaur bones claimed during the Turn, and the Publicity of the museums got a good workout. :):

A fishy kind of dinosaur, don't you think:

A winged dinosaur or bird/reptile thing, though I'm not sure it's by the book and adheres to the dinosaur building rules. Still, fun:

And last, my favourite beastie of the afternoon, Hopalongasaurus!:

There were a couple of glitches with the rules that we had, but those will be easily resolved with the help of the folks at APE Games. Nothing that interfered with our enjoyment of the game, though.

Oh, and for the record... Tammy won the first game with a wide margin, at 134 points, while I came in second with a somewhat distant 114 points, and SteveR finished with a respectable 93 points. The second game was much tighter, SteveR winning out with a score of 99, Tammy finishing second with a score of 88, and I finished with a tally of 82.

Still, as I said, a really fun and enjoyable afternoon of board gaming and a relaxing time as well. APE Games has a real winner on their hands with The Great Dinosaur Rush. I'm looking forward to playing many more games of this one!

Oh, and for the (second) record... I *looooooooooooooooovvvvve* meeples! :)


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