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Some More The Great Dinosaur Rush on a Friday Night

As noted in the blog yesterday, I managed to game with the Friday night gamers last night. Since the Halloween scenario for the Chill 3rd Edition RPG that I'm working on isn't ready yet, it was decided that we would play some board games last night.

The players showed up around 7:05 pm or so, give or take 10 minutes, and we spent some time catching up on the week and discussing American politics. After that, we had some tea, and got down to gaming for the night. The players decided that they had enjoyed it so much last week, that we'd play a couple or three games of The Great Dinosaur Rush. So we dug the game out, and started setting up. Since everyone had played the game before, I didn't have to explain the rules to the players, and we just got into the game for the evening. I didn't take any pictures of the game board last night, or of any of the dinosaurs built, but it was a pretty fun evening overall.

In the first game, the scores were:

KathyB/Ellie 120
Angela 114
DavidM 91
Mark 91
JohnK 100

It was a very close, tight game all the way through until the final Turn, and even then Angela and KathyB/Ellie were in doubt as to which of them would win. I finished with the most Notoriety Points, so that cost me a shot at winning the game, but it was still good fun. Mark created the most fun dinosaur of the night, nicknamed Wall-Esaurus for his resemblance to a certain movie character. :)

The second game was a pretty good match, and the scores were:

Kathy 89
Angela 92
DavidM 102
Mark/Ellie 104
JohnK 91

The scores in this game were pretty tight, DavidM seemingly having the win sewn up until Mark/Ellie managed to get rid of their Notoriety Points in the last Action phase and earned themselves the win. I had a rough third Turn, and couldn't get the bone colours that I needed, and failed to complete two of my Dinosaur Bonus cards. But you do what you can. *sigh*

The third game was probably my best game of the night. Ellie fell asleep, so after KathyB tucked her in for a while in my bed, we played a third game for the night, with the scores as follows:

KathyB 101
Angela 96
DavidM 100
Mark 114
JohnK 108

A fun game, with a very tight scoring total for the night. Mark beat me by 6 points, and the only reason Angela came in last was because she had the highest Notoriety Points on the play. I managed to complete three Dinosaur Bonus cards for the night, and had a pretty good run of it.

Overall, it was a fun night of playing The Great Dinosaur Rush, and the Friday night gamers and I had a marvellous time of it. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and we broke up about 11:10 pm after having a bit of tea to wrap up the night (except Ellie, of course, who was sound asleep by this time).

Looking forward to gaming next Friday night. No idea what will be in store, yet.
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