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Another Friday Post

Another long day at work looming it seems.

The boss wouldn't let me take the day off and work from home, given my foot and all, so I have had to come in and work the day. It's around 11:00 am, and my foot is killing me, and the toe is very much swollen again. Tylenol doesn't really help, and I've still go to drive home (did I mention that it's my driving foot?)

In any event, can't wait to get out of here and home, where I can just relax and all.

Needless to say, it's a very pleasant day in the Ottawa valley, not too hot and not too cold, and the sun is shining. Perfect day for a walk around lunchtime...except that I can't do so! Awww, nuts! :(
Tags: personal, toe problems, work

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