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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Coriolis - The Third Horizon Test Character Creation

Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday afternoon gaming group got together for it's usual weekly game session, and we did some character creation. spross, Tammy, and I had discussed matters, and decided that they would create sample, test characters for the Coriolis - The Third Horizon game system. This was the weekend to do it.

The players showed up a bit before 1:00 pm, and we sat around and chatted for about 10 minutes, just catching up a bit on the last week or two, and then got down to business. I hauled the laptop upstairs to the gaming table, as I was handling things completely through the use of the computer PDFs of the basic chapters for the game (no world details chapter, for one). I started off giving the players an overview of the game universe of the Third Horizon, and both players asked a couple of questions here and there (and proposed some theories about the game universe) and were obviously intrigued by this game setting. We discussed the basic game system and mechanics, and they were even happier with the relative ease of the game rules, as they are nice and simple. We got down to talking about the basics of character generation, and after the players threw a few questions at me in regards to that, we started the character generation process in earnest.

The afternoon was spent in a pleasant manner, creating characters, and both players commented that it was really fun and easy to create the characters once you got around (or just forgot about) the missing universe background. They also talked about their character relationships, so that was good as well. Something Tammy and SteveR don't usually do too well.

Suffice it to say, the players came up with an interesting mix of characters. The players determined that for their Group Concept they are Explorers.

spross - SteveR was bound and determined for the game, and based on the options with the Explorer Group Concept he created a Nameless scientist who's an archaeologist. During character generation, nothing struck me about the character, to be honest. I don't know who his buddy is.

Tammy - Tammy settled on her usual character type for the science fiction games along these lines that we do, and created a Nameless pilot of freighters. As usual, she came up with a neat bit of background for the character, based on what we know of the game world (but I can't remember what it was, so don't ask). I don't know who her buddy is.

JohnK - Yes, I created a character for the game as well. I created Muhammed ibn Kefiris, a station-born technician. He was responsible for the death of two families on a ship due to faulty equipment; it actually wasn't his fault, but he's been blamed, and the two families' survivors are hunting him down. His buddy is Tammy's character.

The game session went for a period of just under 4 hours, and that included doing some game mechanics examples, an example of combat, and a sample sequence of non-combat. I had a good time of it, both players seemed to enjoy themselves, and they quite liked the "Firefly meets the Arabian Nights" premise of the game. I was relatively pleased with the characters they created, and I hope they're looking forward to playing Coriolis - The Third Horizon when the game actually comes out.
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