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Friday Night Game Report (on Saturday) - Coriolis - The Third Horizon Test Character Creation

As mentioned earlier today, three of the Friday night gamers came out last night (Saturday), as they were interested in doing some character creation for the Coriolis - The Third Horizon RPG. The two adults, KathyB and Mark, were intrigued by the game and its universe, to say the least, but Ellie hit it right on the nose: "Let's get Arabic (with our characters!)". So that's what they did, but more than that, as you'll soon see.

coriolis_rpg_mock- cover.jpg

The players showed up a little bit before 7:00 pm, and we sat around and chatted for a bit, catching up on stuff of the week. Then it was down to gaming. I started off by giving the players an overview of the game universe of the Third Horizon, and the players were even more intrigued. We talked about the basic mechanics system, and they were quite pleased at the intrinsic simplicity and common sense of the game mechanics. We got to talking about the basics of character generation, and after the players threw a few questions at me in regards to that, we started the character generation process in earnest.

The part of the evening spent creating the characters was an interesting one, involving some player wheeling and dealing, a bit of humour, but just fun and getting into the flavour of the game. They had a good time creating their characters, and established some relationships as well. An interesting mix of characters, though missing the other two players, of course.

The players decided that for their Group Concept they were going to create explorers. From there, it was on to the details of their characters.

KathyB - She liked the idea of playing the Scout type of character, and so that's what she did. She created Naima Saab, the daughter of a Kuan peasant who aspired to more and joined the scout service. Her buddy is Tafik.

Ellie - She decided to go outside the norm, and is playing a stowaway, Zouma Abid-Arif, who has a knack for sensors and some technology-related stuff. They don't know much about her. Her buddy is Zouma.

Mark - He thought about matters for a bit, and then created Tafik Shouaraz, a scientist (archaeologist) whose interest isn't purely academic, and who seems competent with firearms. His buddy is Naima.

The character creation session took about 2 hours total, and the players were totally enthusiastic about the game when it was said and done, and wanted to play. The basic premise appealed to them quite a bit, and there was a bit of discussion (about 10 minutes) of how these characters would interact on their ship, and also about the game mechanics. They wanted to play the game, very badly!

(And so, I obliged them with some play for about 1/2 hours or so! See the next post.)
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