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Possibly No CanGames for Me This Year...

Friday afternoon. I am home. Thank Goddess.

It occurs to me that today being one of the days late in the month of October and all things being equal, it is about five months to this year's CanGames convention. I have seriously been considering not going to the convention this year, simply because there doesn't seem to be a point to my doing so.

spross has told me that he is going to run Hollow Earth Expedition at the convention this year, and to be honest, if he were to run the game three or four times, there would be no point my running HEX at all. The convention is a pretty small one, and can't justify two GMs running HEX games. CanGames doesn't have the same kind of market for the indie rp games that other conventions seem to, especially given that rpgs are on the downswing at the convention. Add to that the fact that very few folks who go to CanGames actually seem willing to try out new rpgs of any genre, unless they have something to do with the D&D game thing, and well...

I just don't see any reason to go to CanGames this year. It's not like I don't have a couple of other systems that I could be tempted to run, such as The Edge of Midnight or perhaps Desolation, but I'd be just as likely to have players if I took my copy of one of the version of the Ticket to Ride boardgame and ran some games of that there.

Anyone have some thoughts to offer on this?
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