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Doctor Appointment Results

Had my appointment with the doctor this afternoon, as mentioned in the previous post.

I arrived at the doctor's office on time for the appointment, but he was running around 3/4 of an hour behind. So I waited somewhat (im)patiently, and read a bit of the book that I had brought with me.

Once the doctor saw me, I learned that all of my test results were all right. The PSA test results were a bit high, but still fine after the previous test results, though he wasn't happy that it hadn't been done in over a year. My a1C was done somewhat from what it had been, but the doctor still wants the value lower. My triglycerides were still a little bit too high, so there was no accurate reading of the cholesterol levels.

We arranged another appointment for next year, after I see the endo specialist, but overall I'm glad that stuff is relatively all right. Still need to work on the diabetes stuff, of course, but for now I'm taking things one day at a time.
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